Monday, October 09, 2006

The Planets - The Opening - 2002

The Planets have been one of the most sleapt on and talented groups in the last few years of UK Hip hop. Consisting of four members, Ayman Raze, DJ GO, Jnr SAS and Nomadic P. The opening was released in 2002 under Red Sea Entertainment and has been a playlist heavyweight here since. On the emcee side of The Planets, It's all concious islam orientated vocals, and with that, nothing that is gonna offend or provoke conflicting opinion, over brilliantly produced beats. The blokes talk knowledge it's as simple as that.

Favourite tracks to check for are 'Food For Thought' 'Knowledge Of Self' and 'Bop To This'

Definately not one to sleep on, and I'll try and bring The Epic EP back when I can.

You NEED this in your crates.

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    The Opening - (Winchester)
    Set Flames - (Celph Titled)
    Footsteps - (Rickochet)
    Open Your Mind - (Evidence)
    Solar - feat. The Planetarium (Jnr SAS)
    Global - feat. Slug & Musab (Ant)
    Cecil All Good Show
    M.I.C - (Winchester)
    The Medicine - feat Binary Star (Trackerzoids)
    Knowledge Of Self - (Nomad)
    Bop To This - (Nomad)
    N.O.M.A.D Interlude
    Conversation with Malcolm - feat. Malik El Shabbaz (Ayman Raze)
    Food For Thought - (Rickochet)
    On Fire - feat Planet Asia & 427 (Drew)
    Hip Hop Love Song
    Hip Hop - feat. Ghetto Children (Vitamin D) ^
    Cant Stop - feat. Zion I (DJ Khalid Aalim)
    Planetary Vibe - (Ayman Raze) *
    Questions - (Ayman Raze)
    The Closing - (Winchester)
    Rhyme Odyssey - feat. Park-E (Park-E)

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