Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Witchdoctor Wise

Alright peeps. Usually ima present u records that are outta print n reppin the golden 90s indie-era. Today I’m makin’ an exemption to make some noise for my man WITCHDOCTOR WISE!

Few months ago the doctor dropped his blazin debut-album titled “trapped in the asylum” on the new Heroic Records label. The album he produced here is not just a compilation of some of his work but a really self-contained full-lenghter you can listen to from a thru z! Wise takes you on this album to a journey from classic bangers through great party tracks, then on the grimy dark-side and finally goes into a period of mellow reflection and musical experimentation. To round up the great work Wise invited other emcees such as DR. SYNTAX, RUP THE CNUT, DEVISE, NAIM and his fellas from the crews of Lost Souls & Skillmega that are MR. J, FREECY D and REPS to contribute to his album.

Samples from “trapped in the asylum” album – click here…

To complete the background of Wise, here’s some other facts n figures:
Wise is an MC from the Brighton-based underground collective called LOST SOULS and the London/Brighton/Poland-based crew SKILLMEGA. During the years of his presence in the game he did hundreds of shows, mainly in UK, Poland and the Czech Republic, either as the headline act or then supporting other crews and acts such as PUBLIC ENEMY, THE BEATNUTS, BLAK TWANG, ROOTS MANUVA & SKINNYMAN.


2002 Lost Souls - Scratching the Surface EP (Janomi Records)

2004 Lost Souls - Fiveways EP (Janomi Records)

2004 Skillmega - Bitter Blocker EP (Cryogenic Records)

2007 Witchdoctor Wise - Trapped in the Asylum LP (Heroic Recordings)

2007 Skillmega - Normal Magic LP (Asfalt Records)

More information: check Wise’s Myspace.

my conclusion: there’s not many really good new albums out there in 2007 but this full-length here is definitely a great drop you shouldn’t be sleepin’ on! “trapped in the asylum” has everything a HH-connoisseur is lookin for: an awesome variety beat-wise and fantastic rhymes n flows of very talented rappers!


Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


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