Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stellar sounds in the blossomin

Indeed it has been more than a while, some would say its been a minute, nevertheless the new theme a week, will be based on unsigned artists, MySpaces, ReverbNations, Soundclicks etc.....no point advertising artists whom most in the know of this scene are aware of......Time to use the blogging for its true power.

To Start I'm give Stellar Edwards a Run, Twenty beats with several musical genres engaging the listener. A Beatsmif hailin from the shores of sunny england, I say the weather tends to emulate throughout the people but these beats contradict that without a doubt. This will see outta 2008 nicely.

check the myspace:

Stellar @ Myspace

5 Download links for ya, so no whinging with that its only yRapidshare ish


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