Thursday, October 12, 2006

Darc Mind - Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill - 2006

"Recorded between �95 and �97 for Loud/RCA (before Loud�s ignoble fall from grace), Darc Mind�s Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill is almost without comparison in the history of NY rap. Songs on this album, “Visions a Blur” chief among them, sound as if they arrived from another planet."

Reaching over the water today for something pretty special that well deserves a post this morning. It's definately a heaven sent treaure out the past. Seem to recognise this or some mention of this out the past regardless I never checked for this back then. Took this in with a whole load of other LPs and EPs, listened to it quite early on getting through all the new music and straight away this was getting tracks repeated. Works of art that stand out innitially are tracks like Covert Op & Seize The Phenom.

Produced by Public Enemy collaborator X-Ray layered with the rugged vocal tones and perfect never seen before maths of MC Kevroc the good Lord only knows why this has sat around sleapt for nearly ten years.

  • Out on Anticon

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    1 - Visions Of A Blur
    2 - U Da One
    3 - Seize The Phenom
    4 - Knight Of The Roundtable
    5 - I'm Ill
    6 - Covert Op
    7 - Give Me Time
    8 - BMOC
    9 - Fever Pitch
    10 - Rhyme Zone
    11 - Outside Looking In

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  • £8.49 From Juno Records

  • £8.00 From Alt Records / NetSound

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