Tuesday, November 07, 2006

2Tall - Cuts Of Culture - 2005

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    The artists featured on this compilation are all recognised leaders in the field, and also in their own countries. These include: D-Styles, Excess & Ricci Rucker (America), A-Trak (Canada), C2C, Kodh & Troubl (France), Noisy Stylus (Germany), 2tall, Daredevil & Tigerstyle (UK), Grazzhoppa & Killatactics (Belgium) and Kypski (Holland). Next to them we have a selection of upcoming talent in the form of Mista Ed (UK), Tayone (Italy), Lamont (Belgium), Beatwars (Germany) and TGOS (France), who each bring their own take on how to make music using turntables. In addition the compilation also features an exclusive Posse Cut track, called Operation Interference, which regroups 11 DJs from around Europe, including 7 past national DMC and ITF winners, who all drop 16 bars of scratching funk each over a devastating 2tall beat.

    This CD is VITAL.

  • Buy it direct from 2Tall.Com for £4.99 Plus P&P

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