Thursday, November 30, 2006

Evil Ed - The Enthusiast - 2004

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  • Evil Ed has long been one of my favorite UK producers and to my mind this is one of the best producer albums to come out of the UK in the last 10 years. From start to finish 'The Enthusiast' showcases the rawest lyrical talent over truly memorable beats, this is defiantly an album you'll keep on heavy rotation for future years. The record was two years in the making and it shows in the intricate rhyming patterns and thoughtful lyrics. Some of the insights are brilliant - on the dark side is Playin' The Game, where Asaviour raps emotively about hanging in there in the face of vulnerability, or Life's A Struggle, a deeply felt track but for me the highlight is Great Expectations from Manchester's finest crew the Microdisiacs... check it out!

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    1 Intro ft Eddie Skratch
    2 The Ed Zone ft Jehst
    3 Nico Suave ft Yungun
    4 Warm Things Up
    5 A New Way of Thinking ft Ricochet
    6 Black Stallions ft Kyza
    7 Sweeny Todd ft Ah Fly
    8 Branded ft Colony
    9 The Cavalry ft Tommy Evans, Ricochet,Yungun
    10 Great Expectations ft Microdisiacs
    11 Alive
    12 Have you 4gotten ft Lost Souls
    13 Captains of.... ft A Love
    14 The Audio Obstacle Course ft Eddie Skratch
    15 Raw Spuds ft Probe Mantis & Junior Disprol
    16 Playin the Game ft Asaviour
    17 Experts ft Mr Thing
    18 Think Back ft Doc Brown
    19 Lifes a Struggle ft Mic Assasins & Tommy Evans
    20 Weed ft Jehst & Asaviour

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