Friday, November 03, 2006

Foreign Beggars - Crypt Drawl EP - 2005

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    I don't care where you're from, If you havn't woken your scruffy arse up to what Foreign Beggars are putting together, then what music is it that you're actually living? The collective consists of Dag Nabbit, DJ Nonames, Metropolis, Orifice Vulgatron and Shlomo. This EP was the forerunner to a massive tour to lauch the Bukkake Ski Trip LP. But with numerous efforts under their belts already, these characters are pushing all the correct buttons. Crypt Drawl EP is quite difficult to get hold of, so If you see this out on foot patrol, waste no time n hand over the readies. The star of this 12 is definately Crypt Drawl. It's just so fuckin nasty it goes places so dark that hip hop tracks don't often go this deep, really nasty rage filled raps here seriously. Don't fuck about this isn't for 14 year olds waiting for the new Justin Timperdink CD, or 3 wannabees rapping about Clio V6's in the garden shed.

    'Crypt Drawl' will be finding it's way to the MP3 player by tomorrow. Also check down the page for the blinding 'Frosted Perspex' video if you havn't already done so.

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    Catalogue Number:DNT007

    1 - Ode To Julie
    2 - Crypt Drawl (feat.Anik)
    3 - Beatflow Freakshow
    4 - On A Winters Day

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