Friday, November 03, 2006

Lotek Hi Fi - Lotek Hi Fi Mini Album - 2003

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Lotek Hi Fi consist of Aurelius Calliste, Wayne Bennett and Wayne Paul. The Lotek Hi Fi mini album isn't much like anything else you've heard before. It's like a melting pot of genres stirred together in the guise of some classic UK hip hop. You sense a few things in there when listening, maybe a bit of regae or a bit of ragga given a digital down tempo edge, and layered with some menacing vocal tones. Well worth having the black stuff. Heads need to be checking for tracks like 'Inner Storm' and 'Voodoo Boogaloo'.... And for the 'Mixed Blessings' mix CD, also out on Big Dada. Check the Lotek Hi Fi Discogs link for a full catalogue of releases.

  • Discogs - Lotek Hi Fi

  • Discogs - Lotek Hi Fi Mini Album

  • Label:Big Dada
    Format: Vinyl, LP

    01 Voodoo Boogaloo
    02 Lo-Fi Rocka
    03 Different Style
    04 Percolator
    05 Inner Storm
    06 Under My Bed
    07 Ah You Dat
    08 Hey Yeh Yeh
    09 See it Coming

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