Thursday, November 09, 2006

MC Pitman - It Takes a Nation of Tossers - 2003

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  • It Takes a Nation of Tossers isn't gonna be everyone's cup of tea but if your a fan of comedy albums and/ or northern humor then this is gonna be right down your street! MC Pitman is the comedy creation of producer and MC Styly Cee of Lost Island fame. The album features alot of parodies of hip-hop joints, the title itself is obviously a Public Enemy rip-off. Although I wouldn't say this is a classic British hip-hop album it is a superb album from a man who would rather be digging coal with his big spade than making tunes. Pitman would rather talk about biscuits, chip rolls and tea than Uzis, pimps and ho's, which is what sets him apart from so much hip-hop." - Leeds

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    Label:Son Records
    Catalog#:SON 026
    Format:Vinyl, LP

    1. Countdown To Pitworld
    2. What I Am
    3. Waiting
    4. When Miners Attack
    5. Witness The Pitness
    6. Words
    7. Sugar In Ya Peas
    8. The Pitman and Her
    9. Twat Farm Revisited
    10. Mr Pitiful
    11. Soot FM
    12. Mam Sed
    13. Food Interlood
    14. What's The Point?
    15. Two Twats

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  • Buy from Son Records - 10 pounds

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