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Funky DL - Blackcurrant Jazz - 2002

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  • Funky DL first pursued his interest in music back in 1985. At only 8 years old he took a keen interest in ragga music and listened to such acts as Lieutenant Stitchie and Papa San.

    Growing up in Hackney East London there was no short of an ethnic presence which meant that music was a common ground for many of the kids growing up and still is today.

    DL’s older brother often would borrow tapes from their older uncles (without their mother knowing) which meant that acts like NWA crept into the household. This sparked a keen interest in hip-hop and the story telling within music which led to DL’s interest in acts like Biz Markie and his classic

    “Pick The Boogas” and Special Ed’s and his famous “The Mission”

    KRS-1 was also a favourite with “Love’s Gonna Get Ya” which meant BDP albums were helping to increase the influence of hip-hop in DL’s life.

    After following the antics of the Fat Boys, Young MC, Master Ace and Schoolly D, DL got turned onto The Jungle Brothers and De La Soul and this was a crucial point in his affection with hip-hop as the afro-centric and eclectic funky sounds were ever so intriguing to a then 12 year old kid.

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    1. Talk About
    2. 2long
    3. & Ask For Dl
    4. Confused-
    5. Hit Me
    6. Roll The Dice
    7. Tangible
    8. Prediction
    9. Wonderful Feat. Guile
    10. What You Saying Girl
    11. Simply 2 Complicated
    12. High Endurance
    13. Keeping It Classic
    14. Music Feat. Sienna
    15. Turntables Hate Me
    16. It Still Rocks
    17. 2long Remix

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