Saturday, January 06, 2007

Loki - Friendly World - 2007

After three years, three labels and eight different edits...I have decided to put out Friendly World for free! All I have ever wanted was for the scene to hear it. The constant stress of trying to get it out has taken its toll and for this reason I am handing it out to anyone who wants to hear it.

Please help me to get it heard. Put it up on the net, copy it for your is afterall....the ultimate bootleg of 2007 - Loki

Thousand credits to you Loke for throwing this online today.

I gather there will be an LP released, hopefully at some point this year. In which case you'll be notified here of course. In the meantime though enjoy, and perhaps head for the sidebar n take a trip to the DropZone website n see what you can bag yourselves.

1. Phone call Produced by Loki and Big Div
2. So Nasty Produced by Sum Won
3. Profit a Man Produced by by Sace
4. Damage Report Produced by Padjo
5. Powers That Be feat Sum Won and Respek-BA Produced by Sum Won
6. Littlest Hobo feat Dilemma Produced by Loki Co-produced by Sace
7. Sunshine and Short Skirts feat Kris The Lyricist Produced by Sum Won
8. Me and my Back Pack Produced by Sum Won
Hidden Track TABOO Produced by Sum Won
9. Forget Me Not Produced by Sace, Big Taj and Loki
10. Wheels On The Bus Produced by Jonezy
11. Take A Nap Produced by Hudson Mohawke
12. Escape From Arkham Produced by Big Div
13. Loki's Dead Produced by Casual 7
14. No Way Back
15. Back to your reality (skit)
16. Friendly World Produced by Sum Won Additional Production Loki
17. Until next time..... Produced by Big Div


  • Download - 99Mb SendSpace

  • Like I say well played on the upload Sig thanks man.



    At January 27, 2007 11:25 AM, Blogger Alchetype said...

    Sunshine and Short Skirts is crazy!!!

    Nice album, Imma be looking out for his next physical product. It'll be worth the purchase.


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