Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blak Twang - 19 Long Time - 1998

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  • As requested 19 Long Time. Nice LP out the past thats been through this system thousands of times. Check for tracks like 'Backstreet Survivor Remix' my personal fave for a lot of years, then I kind of tired of it and found a stronger love for 'Red Ltters' which is classic. Also tracks like 'Shoosh', 'Jam Packed' and 'Oh My Gosh'...... Just looked online n it seems it's bloody hard to come by I thought it'd be a bit more widespread. I think the CD version probably shifted alot more units so thats probably easiest to find, and I see through the Froogle link I provide at the bottom, the Red Letters CD single is avilable for 3 quid. Jingle jangle jingle jangle, As it appens.

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    Catalog#:BJAM 8803
    Format:2 x Vinyl, LP

    A1 Intro
    A2 19 Long Time, Co-producer - Tony Rotton
    A3 The Arsenal
    B1 Entrepreneur, Producer - Lucas (2)
    B2 Fearless Co-producer - Tony Rotton
    B3 Funny Bastard
    B4 Jam Packed (Bashment Mode)Producer - Roger Benou
    B5 Shhhoosh, Rap [Featuring] - Roots Manuva
    B6 Mugsy
    C1 Don't Test
    C2 Red Letters
    C3 Oh My Gosh
    C4 Cigarettes & Rizla
    C5 (Live From Da) Big Smoke
    D1 Perfect Love Song, Rap [Featuring] - Raffa-L
    D2 Rough Nights
    D3 Backstreet Survivor
    D4 Growing Up Memories, Producer - V.R.S.
    D5 Platinum

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