Saturday, April 28, 2007

Random Brit Pack....vol.1

Completely random selection, some UK tracks picked for no particular reason but as we've been quiet for a while (hopefully your enjoyin the sunshine as well, Global Warmin is the greatest thing to happen to this country) jus thought I'd do a quick upload for ya....enjoy

1. A&O - UK Representer (don't actually know if this infos correct, update us please)
2. Blacknificent 7 - Ere Comes Da Black
3. Braintax - Exodust
4. C The Powers That B - Kids Today (I Dunno)
5. Doc Brown - One Plan
6. Jehst - Holy Water
7. Kaleef - Golden Brown
8. Kid Genius - Racking My Brain
9. Last Men Standing - Call To Arms
10. Rodney P - Love 'n' Hate
11. Seanie T - Formidable
12. The Planets - As The World Turns

pass: juswtcl


At August 11, 2007 7:26 PM, Anonymous rag said...

nice selection man. Im gonna listen to this. whAt happened to kaliphz/kaleef?


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