Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Transformer (Dirty Dome Beats)

Transformer (2008) Raw & Homemade

1.take it over there - sosh b cardi
2. violence - tone liv of green lama
3.so much more - b stilt ( guitar jam version 1)
4.sun up - apollo
5.oh my - chucknubian
6.all good - tone liv and b stilt
7.pavement - apollo
8.escape - es
9.cool luv - Alex styles and cv
10. fat knot - decay of green lama
l1. life - smooth from the connection
12.when thoughts clash - arsun fist and john wayne
13.wensday - prolifical ( guitar jam version 2 )
14.doomzday - tone liv and b stilt
15.raw banger - b stilt and tone liv
16.s.e.x. - b stilt

This Gentlemans definately gotta sound, I wouldn't say unique but more of a trend & a formula he's constructed, he's got that grimey soul vibe grindin out the speakers & its dope as real cool, this dudes a mos def in terms of one-2-watch.

Transformer (2008) The Beat Tender

1. the beat tender
2.all good
4.raw banger
5.studio gangsta
6.sumer skies
7.in the blue
8.shoulda known
10.porn star
11. dont fight it
12.you got nothing

Transformer (2008) Afternoon Sessions

2.skull crusher
3.in the sky
4.pile driver
5. the deal
6.back in the day
7.brain malfunction
8.new nintendo
10.cali vibes


Enough Names is a trio consisting of the Transformer on the beats & Ahpasit & Glad2mecha, No beat tape for ya, but I believe the debut release is comin soon, stay posted with these guys



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