Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hip-Hop Connection Digital Magazine issue 01

Keepin up with the jones' is a tedious but exciting element of modern marketin, advertisin & Journalism, with that in mind HHC, Hip-Hops longest servin Magazine came to a halt this year......& also began.

Its new distrubution techniques involve the online world, the 1st issue, is available free for download from their webpage, whether charges will be introduced in future is beyond my knowledge at be honest I don't really care.

The Magazine features MF Doom whom is due to drop his long awaited LP shortly (although shitheads have big-time bootlegged that), Charles Hamiton, Ghost, Delegates Of Culture, Wordsmith & Inc The Poet & The extremely Talented Mr Lif, as always with HHC you can expect reviews of newcommers from LP's to Artists & of course alotta useless jargon & some highly contreversial comments from some of their moronic writers

Hip-Hop Connection - Digital Issue 01 (apr 2009)


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