Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ghost - Seldom Seen Often Heard - 2006

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  • Ghost is a well known figure in the UK Hip Hop scene. Starting life in Glasgow, moving onto Norwich, Derby, Manchester then London, Ghost has seen a lot of life from a lot of different places which has influenced his sound as it is today. Producing from an early age but unable to fund buying the equipment needed to make music, Ghost spent years learning his trade before releasing any product. From 2000 onwards Ghost spent his time learning mixing techniques and learning the skills needed to be able to release music, he would spend time handing out remix CD's at jams across London, and working on his radio show the "Midweek Session" on London only station dedicated to Hip Hop Itch fm
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  • 01.Part Of My Life Intro
    02.seldom seen often heard feat.verb t, kashmere, asaviour & dj iq
    03.basic instinct feat.abstract rude
    04.make a difference feat.lowkey skit feat.disorda aka johnny zig zag
    06.the pay off feat.verb t & asaviour
    07.valley of the legends feat.kashmere to me feat.devorah
    09.invisible inc feat.verb t & kashmere
    10.alien invasion feat.finale & biscuit
    11.on the right track feat.asaviour & dj iq
    12.through the hills feat.mudmowth for the people skit
    14.learn respect feat.dubbledge
    15.better tomorrow feat.asaviour & verb t
    16.round trip feat.biscuit
    17.seldom seen outro

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