Friday, December 15, 2006

Ricky Gervais Podcasts - Gold Collection

This is the entire archive of podcasts documenting Karl Pilkingtons rise to power. Including the original XFM Radio Shows minus the music.

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The guys no stranger to the Hip Hop and Electro scene himself. Sightings were reported in the late 80s of a group of would-be body poppers 'doing their thing' on Walter Wilsons boxes outside Woolworths, one of whom had a massive strangely shaped head. Sit back, get to know the man, and be amazed at how crap the most popular bloke in the UK is. This is over 16 hours of off the cuff hillarity. Featuring insights into his Aunty Nora's split tennis ball, talking yoghurts of the future, indecent exposure at the kitchen sink and the human evolutionary chain - Cell, fish, mermaid, monkey, man.

You also need to be heading over to his site and opening your iTunes to subscribe to the free video podcasts. Theres no set routine for them. They get released as and when they feel like putting them up, but theres seven available for download now. Go here :

  • Ricky Gervais free video podcasts

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    While the Gold rar is uploading I found these you might be interested in also :

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  • Audible Interview with Pilkington K

  • The Telegraph has an 11 page interview with Ricky Gervais' co-podcaster and idiot savant Karl Pilkington. The interview is primarily to plug his new book. There are three long extracts from the book with illustrations (Karl is clearly a talented cartoonist), but there is also plenty of the usual Pilkingtonian wisdom. For example: apparently Karl enjoys visiting Regent's Park near his flat, because you can see the tops of the giraffes in London Zoo for free.

  • Pilkingmeister featured in the Telegraph

  • The Ricky Gervais Website

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    You must download with Microsoft Internet Explorer... Doesn't seem to give you a working download icon in FireFox.
  • Download - Ricky Gervais Podcasts Gold Collection - QuickShare Link

  • It's big. But well worth the space on your HD. Hour after hour of hillarity at Karl's expence.

    "The question is, does he really live in a cartoon world, or in a comic conceit of his own making? He describes himself as 'just a bloke from Manchester'. Whatever the answer, he doesn't seem to care what other people think, and that is disarming. As Ricky Gervais has said, he is either one of the greatest comedy talents of his generation, or a partially shaved monkey with a head shaped like a fuckin orange, that can talk."



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