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Jehst - Falling Down - 2003

Jehst - Falling Down - Discogs Info

Jehst (born William G. Shields, 25 Dec 1979) is a British rapper. Within the UK hip-hop scene, he is known for his intelligent lyrics and original style.[1] He spent his early childhood in Crowborough in Sussex before moving to Huddersfield where he experienced the bleak realities of the post-industrial north, which have been such an influence on his lyrical style.

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Jehst studied economics at the prestigious London School of Economics, although he dropped out when he got a record deal. He has strong affliations with fellow UK rappers such as Klashnekoff, Yungun and Braintax, as well as UK rap groups such as Taskforce and Terra Firma. He made his debut on the vinyl-only Premonitions EP and is a co-founder of YNR Records, although his recent releases have been through Low Life Records and Reprazent. He was also a member of the short-lived UK hip-hop supergroup Champions of Nature, along with the likes of Lewis Parker, Supa T, Profound and Apollo. Read On...

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Label:Low Life Records
Catalog#:LOW 30 LP
Format:2 x Vinyl, LP

A1 Intro (Liquor Soaked Sentiments)
A2 Run Hard
A3 Apollo Skit
A4 Manimals
B1 Fear Skit
B2 Citizen Smif
B3 Brimstone Rock
B4 Give It Here
B5 Falling Skit
C1 Dirty (Check Me Out Yo!)
C2 Monotony
C3 Esp (Extra Sensory Perfection)
C4 Die When U Die
D1 Move Back
D2 Falling Down
D3 China Shop Taurus

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