Monday, January 22, 2007

Task Force EP's

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Task Force are an underground British hip hop group from Highbury in London, England. The group is led primarily by two brothers Chester P (vocals, song writing and occasional music production) and Farma G (vocals, song writing and music production). The name Task Force has been undertaken however by DJ Louis Slipperz (music production and DJing) and loosely by Ramson Badbones (vocals and songwriting) who has appeared on a few releases as part of the group. Task Force officially formed in 1999 with their debut album New Mic Order distinguishing them from the London hip hop collectives Mud Family; of which Chester P was a founding member and the Bury Crew (named after Highbury in London), though Task Force are mutually considered members of both. Read On...

12 Inch Apostles EP

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Cosmic Gypsies EP

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