Thursday, February 15, 2007

Brothers Like Outlaw / Outlaw Posse

This was my first post over at J.U.S. Music, I bought this album in 1997 & thought the EmCee was an american, who sounded like an Englishman tryin to sound american....& I only found out recently from someone in my C-Box that these boys are a duo from England who previously recorded under the name Outlaw Posse...of course I knew they were English but feel like an absoloute twat that I didn't realise these guys were the same people.......

Anyway The 1992 edtion is a Great Album, A Firm Favourite of mine.

Outlaw Posse were a British hip hop group formed by Bello B (real name Isaac Bello) and K-Gee (real name Karl Gordon). They Split back in 92'.

K-Gee Info - You May Recognize Him....

Outlaws On Wikipedia

To Buy the Albums try

Outlaw Posse (1990) My Afros On Fire

Outlaw Posse (1990) My Afros On Fire

Much credit to CyberFox for the upload, well played brother.

Buy This Album Here

Brothers Like Outlaw (1992) The Oneness Of II Minds In Unison

Buy This Album Here

And Here

Brothers Like Outlaw (92) The Oneness of II Minds In Unison



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