Thursday, May 10, 2007

Krispy - Cross The Boarder 12"

'sup peeps? long time no review's in here so I had to change that and rip another gem from a UK rap-group outta my cratez.
here comes a twelve that was released on the "Bomb Hip Hop" label in 1998 and so we're talkin bout the UK rap-duo KRISPY (are Mikey D.O.N and Mr Wiz). these guys have been active since very long time already (and still are!) as their 1st release was in 1989 with their debut "comin' through clear". on this twelve here from 1998 you'll get "cross the boarder", "cross the boarder remix" (totally different from the original and my favorite on this wax!) and on the flipside there's the track "microphone d.o.n.".
if you wanna know more bout them catz visit their homepage...
enjoy the wax n support the artists! peace



At May 12, 2007 11:48 PM, Blogger Great Britain said...

Class to see you brother. Good show. I'm having a bit of a break at posting at the minute, starting a new job n it's gonna need 100% commitment while I learn the ropes.

Never seen this 12 before, I'm sure it's excellent. Many thanks.


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