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Blade - Planned & Executed - 1995

................ And Life Time Avhievement Award.

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Born in the Armenian quarter of Iran, Blade came to London aged 7. Within months of arriving, he felt the effect of the Islamic revolution back home. Unable to send money out of the country, Blade’s family could no longer support him. So, with no money, no family, alone in a strange country, Blade’s self-reliance and determination were all he had to see him through. The microphone, the studio and the stage provided his only release.

1989 saw Blade’s first release with which he took to the street and sold direct to the punters. This became the blueprint for future ventures. A string of 12’s, ep’s and a massive double album followed, all of which were released on his own “691 INFLUENTIAL” label. Selling via mail order and on the streets, he amassed sales of up to 60,000 units. His one-man record operation quickly became the stuff of rap mythology.

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    Final BLADE performances

    Blade will be playing two finals performances before taking a back seat with music.

    To all who have emailed and asked why and so on, rest assured Blade will continue to make music, just without the unpredictability and lies of the music industry hanging over his head. Basically, he wishes to make music but strictly for the love of it without any material interest. If at any point this changes, you will find out first right here, but for now musioc for love it is, and soon as we have any updates or music for free downloads, etc, we will email you all to let you know.

    To all who have shown support over the years, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for allowing Blade to live his dreams and make them a reality. To say his goodbyes, he has chosen 2 more performances, one in Switzerland and the other in Winchester.

    All information for these will be added shortly.

    Thanks again, but be sure to check back for more music in the future, some old, some new, some released, some not. Videos will also be added shortly from live performances

    For all who ask "did he do his last UK show a couple of months ago?"

    Blade had made a promise to a friend that he would do a show for him but due to date clashes that was not possible, but now the all clear is given, so the promise can be kept. It'll be good to see all of you down there at Winchester for this final performance.

    at Blade's request .....

    It's so hard to just pack it in like that when you've been in it all your life, but I have been turning down all shows except this one, as a promise was made. My heart tells me to still do shows just because I love performing so much, but my mind tells me something different. The clash between mind and heart and the doubt have led me to this decision. I have always been a firm believer of the saying "IF EVER IN DOUBT, DO WITHOUT" .... I hope you can all understand and appreciate the decsion, but I would like to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for the support shown. YOU GUYS ARE THE REASON WHY MY LIFE IN MUSIC WAS EVER MADE POSSIBLE AND I CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THAT OPPORTUNITY.

    The website will be kept live so please keep checking back for updates and free downloads as and when they happen, but for now, I just really need some time to myself and away from an unpredictable industry I have no respect for and never have.

    The album is now released and available to buy from stores and direct from :

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    Label:691 Influential
    Catalog#:BLADE 1208
    Genre:Hip Hop

    A1 Let's Begin
    A2 Silence Is Better Than Bullshit...Part 2 (Those Who Never Gave Us The Time Of Day Get Shipped Out Remix)
    A3 Planned And Executed
    A4 They Shall Love This
    A5 Don't Care What Anybody Thinks (Bonus Track)
    B1 Welcome To The Jungle
    B2 Play The Joker
    B3 He Got Cuts Galore
    B4 Keep Watchin' This Space

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  • "You've done a very good thing Blade If you read this for a very long time. I think I speak for the nation when I say You should be proud of yourself man. Thanks for all the hard work since the beginning, you definatey did your bit" - Great Britain.



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