Friday, October 13, 2006

Jehst - Nuke Proof Suit - 2005

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What better time, what with the Earths political climate over the past week, to pull out Jehst's 2005 classic Nuke Proof Suit. I've collected some worthy articles of brain food from across the net should you like to educate yourself with the specifics of the weeks news. It's all a bit easy and weak to get all doom and gloom about events like this, I always like to remain positive that things'll settle down over time. Can't we just all get along?

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  • The BBC Websites coverage

  • Reactions from world leaders

  • Timeline of events from 2002, leading up to the test

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  • More in-depth reading.

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    Prolific english MC, born in Kent in the summer of '79, Jehst spent his childhood in Sussex before moving to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire as a teenager. Fueled by the bleak reality of the smack infested post-industrial North he re-located to London, making his vinyl debut in 1999 with the highly acclaimed "Premonitions" EP, launching the self-financed YNR (Young ‘n’ Restless) Productions label from his University halls of residence.
    Aliases : Billy Brimstone
    In Groups : Champions Of Nature

  • Nuke Proof Suit.Com

  • Low life records

  • YNR Productions

  • Also available.

  • 8 Tracks of Jehst produced UK Hip Hop, Future Classics, ft Kashmere & Sir Smurf & LG. When does Jehst ever let anyone down when it comes to vocal skills. Never really, and the track Nuke Proof Suit wraps up the weeks events perfectly. If you havn't got this LP in your boxes going into zero seven, your crates have got big problems.

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    Vice City
    Ape Shit
    Nuke Proof Suit
    Neck Breakin
    Magnum Force
    Pepper Spray ft Kashmere & sir smurf
    Work Ethic

  • ZShare link

  • Rap & Soul Mail Order have it for 12 quid.

  • £11 from King Underground

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