Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bomb The Bass - Into The Dragon - 1988

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DJ Tim Simenon cut & paste sampled house record 'Beat Dis' was made with 150 pounds in the summer of 1987.
The record was championed on London Pirate Radio by Mark Moore (S Express) and Nellee Hooper (Soul II Soul) throughout the next twelve months.

Upon official release by Rhythm King Records - the track absoloutely BLEW UP.

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    Lovely to have this album MP3s after so many years. Bomb The Bass is hard to pin to a specific genre. I think like alot of groups at the time the bounderies of each were being pushed. Definately Hip Hop. Tracks to check for in my opinion, and speaking about music that has dominated playcount-wise and stood the test of time, I'd have to check for tracks like Say A Little Prayer.

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    A1 Beat Dis (U.S. 7" Mix)
    A2 Megablast (Rap Version)Featuring - Merlin
    A3 On The Cut
    A4 Don't Make Me WaitFeaturing - Lorraine
    A5 Dynamite Beats
    B1 Megablast (Hip Hop On Precinct 13)
    B2 Hey You!Featuring - Aurra
    B3 Shake It
    B4 Say A Little PrayerFeaturing - Maureen
    B5 Beat Dat (Freestyle Scratch Mix)

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