Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Filastine - Burn It - 2006

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  • I'll no doubt be listening to this for the remainder of the day. Different. Outta Spain, some lovely beat craftsmanship within.... Check for tracks like Judas Goat it's classic.

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    Label:Soot Records
    Catalog#:SOOT 008
    Style:Illbient, Broken Beat

    1. Hello, My Name Is...
    2. Quémalo Ya (feat. Ras Mario & Timedo Flow)
    3. Palmares (feat. Dorothy Lemoult)
    4. Splinter Faction Delight (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenny vs. L3arbee & L Na)
    5. Judas Goat
    6. Lucre
    7. Last Redoubt (feat. Randee Akosta)
    8. Crescent Occupation
    9. Autology (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenny)
    10. This Is A Fight
    11. Boca de Ouro (feat. MC Subzero Permafrost)
    12. Get on That Bullhorn & Leave the Fucking Country
    13. Dance of the Garbageman
    14. Ja Helo (feat. Ronica Sanyal, Valerie Holt, Sari Breznau)
    15. 2nd Class Sleeper
    16. Dreams From Wounded Mouth (remix of Degenerate Art Ensemble)

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