Saturday, January 27, 2007

Manage - (Live) In Protest - 2006

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This LP is truly heavyweight and with the plethora of guest talent assembled here we are witness to a coming together of some of the UK’s finest talent. The themes and sentiments encapsulated in this release are thought provoking and stand out as a beacon of quality to all those other acts that spend their time rapping about nonsense. This is grown up music for men. Make sure you cop this, and then do something to improve your life.

01. Intro
02. Live In Protest
03. City Of Satan ft. CLG, Big P, Nickels
04. Stop Lying
05. Mics For Life ft. Syanyde, Reveal, CLG
06. Game ft. Conflix, The Antiheroes
07. Industry Strike ft. King Kaiow
08. Right Here
09. Change The Theme ft. Syanide, Conflix
10. Speaker's Corner ft. Shameless, Lowkey, Doc Brown, Orifice, Skinnyman
11. Rise Up
12. Soul Cry ft. Verb T, Kashmere, Katarina. Production - The Last Skeptik
13. Psychobitches
14. Riot ft. Syanyde
15. I Realise (Stand Strong)
16. Speaker's Corner (Chemo Bonus Mix) ft. Shameless, Lowkey, Doc Brown, Orifice, Skinnyman

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At January 27, 2007 8:06 PM, Blogger Great Britain said...

Never heard of it. Sounds brilliant though, well played.


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