Monday, January 29, 2007

Unsung Heroes - Unleashed - 2000

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  • 75 Ark

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    Label:75 Ark
    Format:2 x Vinyl, LP

    A1 Magnificent, Featuring - DJ LG, Rob O, Shiver
    A2 Ken Boogaloo Freestyle, Featuring - Ken Boogaloo
    A3 Crushed Velvet, Featuring - Ty
    A4 A Brief Case (Interlude)
    A5 Amateurs Get Hung, Featuring - Brad Baloo, Frankenstein, Shiver
    A6 Transatlantic, Featuring - Siah, Yeshua daPoED
    B1 Never Underestimate, Featuring - Dick Dastardly, Killa Kela
    B2 What Would You Do? Featuring - J-Live, L-Fudge, Mr. Complex
    B3 The Norm, Featuring - Siah, Yeshua daPoED
    B4 WJAM (Interruption)
    B5 The Next Degree, Featuring - Karime Kendra, Siah
    B6 Dummy, Featuring - Chris Crossfader, J-Live, L-Fudge
    C1 A Word From Roy (Interlude)
    C2 Work It Out, Featuring - Dementia, J1200, Shiver, Siah
    C3 The Path Is Narrow, Featuring - Frankenstein
    C4 A Changed Man, Featuring - J1200, L-Fudge, Shiver
    C5 Here To Make A Difference, Featuring - Godfather Don, Tony Vegas
    D1 Universal, Featuring - Phantom, Visitors
    D2 Daily Intake, Featuring - Yeshua daPoED
    D3 Just Relax (Interlude)Featuring - J1200, Prime Cuts, Reality, Shiver
    D4 High On Nothing, Featuring - Karime Kendra

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