Sunday, January 28, 2007

DJ Stix - Different Worlds - 1998

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  • CD only I'm afraid on this one. Had this on in the cars alot this week so I thought 'Yeah I'll throw this up when I get some hot minutes'.... Nice Instrumental album from the revered Stix himself, garnished with precise cutting of a top of the line nature. Not much cutting mind, it's mostly just quite tasty beats. I actually vibe off the intro the most, and track 8 was getting numerous plays. Should'o been out on wax this like it would've been a nice little weapon for the tablists. Also wanna be checking for his other offerings, Soul Communication is the most recent effort for instance. He's also in a group called 'WBI Red Ninja' so you might wanna check for them, got some 12s out.

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    Label:Kingsize (UK)
    Catalog#:KSR CD 03

    1 Intro (Reaching Out)
    2 Different Worlds
    3 Everything
    4 More Than A Machine
    5 Interlude
    6 Changing Faces
    7 Shit Kickers Ball
    8 The Clock
    9 Mind Party
    10 The Running Man
    11 The Hand That Rocks The Tables
    12 Borderline
    13 Grasstown Dreams
    14 Bedtime Stories
    15 Sands Of Time

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