Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Phi Life Cypher - Playback - 2006

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Phi-Life Cypher are back with a bang! And this time they’ve brought their mates! Put simply, 'Playback' is the definitive collection of PLC’s greatest collaborations. With contributions from DJ Vadim and The Herbaliser (both Ninja Tune), timeless tracks from DJ Skitz (BBC Radio 1Xtra), Taskforce (MFTC) and more, early classics and a clutch of brand new exclusive cuts - what you have here is quite an album!

Having put Luton on the hip hop map with their debut album ‘Millennium Metaphors’, Phi Life Cypher have gradually become one of the most respected and uncompromising acts in the UK. Phi Life possess two MCs, Si-Philli and Life, whose high energy, fast flowing, smoothly smart lyrical skills are perfectly supported by the hard-driving, funky beats of the crew’s DJ Nappa. The group started making music together around '96 but in true hip hop fashion, it has taken more than a moment for the boys to reach the top. Making it to the final of Tim Westwood's Talent 2000 competition and ripping the mic on DJ Skitz's seminal posse cut 'Fingerprints of the Gods' helped propel them towards the upper reaches of the UK hip hop world: since then, they have not only collaborated in the studio with The Herbaliser, DJ Vadim, and Taskforce, but also spent time as part of Gorillaz’ live show, including their show-stopping performance at the 2002 Brit Awards.

1 PLC – Worldwide (Exclusive)
2 Skitz ft PLC – Cordless Mics At 20 Paces
3 The Herbaliser ft PLC – Distinguished Jamaican English
4 PLC – Ill Force
5 PLC & Taskforce – Showtime
6 PLC – Cypher Funk
7 PLC – The Shining
8 Skitz ft PLC – A Time Of Chaos
9 DJ Vadim ft PLC – Ghetto Rebels
10 PLC ft MCM – Red Alert
11 DJ First Rate ft PLC – Knew Rulez
12 PLC – All Alone (Exclusive)
13 Dynamic Syncopation ft PLC – My Verse First
14 PLC – Over
15 PLC – Exit (Exclusive)

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