Monday, January 29, 2007

Braintax - Fat Head EP - 1992

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Braintax as a duo are still remembered for their first commercial release, a five track debut EP entitled ‘Fat Head’ released in December 1992 to a barrage of praise and positive reviews. Along with labelmates Breaking The Illusion, the crew went on to play support to Ice T, Das EFX, Redman, KRS-1 and The Pharcyde. Their early releases set the tone for Low Life which has always been a champion of quality control and British artists rapping with their own accents. Read On...

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A1. Chips On My Shoulder
A2. Wonder If I Know Ya
A3. Confessions
B1. Firm Feet
B2. Talk About The Future
B3. (It's All About ) Rhyming Skills
B4. To My Peers

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