Wednesday, January 31, 2007

London Posse - Gangster Chronicles - 1990 / 2001

Just a quick one before I go to work -

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London Posse were one of the earliest groups to emerge from the British hip hop scene, initially being formed by Sipho the Human Beatbox who asked friends Rodney P, Bionic and DJ Biznezz to join him for a tour of the US supporting Mick Jones' (formerly of The Clash) new group, Big Audio Dynamite. When they first formed, they didn't even have a name, but whilst playing in New York City, they were constantly referred to as "the London Posse" because of their hometown, and the name stuck. On their return, they released a single - "London Posse/My Beatbox Reggae Style" (Big Life, 1987) - produced by Tim Westwood which detailed their experiences, but following this, Sipho and Biznezz left the group. Read On...

They did 2 versions of this wax. A repress in 2001 with tracks like Hows Life In London on, and the original 1990 version obviously without the newer tracks. The re-release came out on Wordplay along with a couple of 12s (Well I say a couple, definately one which was 'Hows Life In London' rereleased with an extra track, i'd have to dig it out the crates to be sure cos it's not on Discogs). The original was released on Mango Records but good luck in finding it. And the original Hows Life In London 12 was out on Bullet.

1. Money Mad
2. Livin' Pancoot
3. Original London Style
4. Remedy For The Black Ash Blues
5. Jump Around
6. Sexy Gal
7. Gangster Chronicle
8. Live Like The Other Half Do
9. Oversized Idiot
10. Tell Me Something
11. Jump Around (Cencored Mix
12. How's Life In London (bonus track)
13. Money Mad (Remix)
14. Pass Me The Rizla (bonus track)

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Buy from - CD 6.99



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