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Funky DL (2007) Street Swagger

Basically This Album is bieng Given away.......Thats right totally free, well 10,000 copies anyway get to Washington Classics I'm not gonna provide the direct link to the album cause some of ya may decide not to visit the site......but like I said get their now. There were less than 2000 when I grabbed mine....

Theres also a bonus album avaliable

Saturday, March 17, 2007

DustyCratesRadio March 14th M9 and New Sway Verb T Redman and more

APOLOGIES FOR THE DELAY!! i beat the virus which fucked all the computers. the show below is dope.

i premiere the brand new single from VERB T AND THE LAST SKEPTIK "BROKEN WINDOW" LP out May 2007! hit me up with feedback

thank you to everyone who has been downloading, please please keep hitting me up with feedback and shouts - i try each week to make sure i shout you all out - ive had crazy downloads - about 1000 per show - so its been mad!! props props props....

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Redman and Pete Rock – Gimme One
Consequence ft. Kanye West – Good, Bad, The Ugly
Prodigy – Bang On Em
Domingo ft. Terminology – Cold World
Cilvaringz ft. Ghostface, RZA and Raekwon – Weeping Tigers
Jay O ft. Def 1 – Love and Hate
Joe Budden – Last Real Nigga Left
Heatmakers ft. Peedi Crakk and Rsonist –
Consequence – Night Night
Black Milk ft. Slum Village – Action
Skillz ft. Freeway – Don’t Act
Papoose –
Frank and Dank - MCA
Redman – Well, Well, Well (Witness Beat)
Marco Polo ft. O.C – Marquee

M9 Exclusive
M9 and Cyrus Malachi from Triple Darkness Live in the Studio
M9 – Freedom of Speech

Foreign Beggars – Black Hole (Jehst Remix)
Nyck feat. Mobb Deep – Its Like That
Evidence – Chase The Clouds Away
Shameless ft. Plan B – No Hats No Trainers
Mr Tibbs – Just A Reminder
Consequence – Disperse
Devin The Dude ft. Andre 3000 and Snoop Dogg – What A Job
Klashenekoff ft. Kool G Rap and Kyza – Terrorize YA City[/b]

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lewis Parker - Rise EP - 1996

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    Label:Bite It! Recordings
    Catalog#:BITE 11
    Format:Vinyl, EP, White Label, Promo

    A1 Rise (Vocal)
    A2 Rise (Instrumental)
    A3 Rise (Acapella)
    AA1 Visions Of Splendour (Vocal)Scratches - DJ Bias
    AA2 Visions Of Splendour (Instrumental0 Scratches - DJ Bias
    AA3 Sea Freestyle, Co-producer - The Sea
    AA4 Visions Of Splendour (Acapella)

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  • Good luck trying to find it, it's on eBay right now but there's people bidding, £4.99 currently

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    Wednesday, March 07, 2007


    Dunno Whether theres been many posts on the gentlemen from East London, Irrelevant of that Good Music Can't be mentiond often enough so heres a little insight into the crew

    Don't forget to Buy It Here

    Gunshot were a Homegrown group formed by MC Mercury, MC Alkaline, Q-Roc and DJ White Child Rix in the area of Leyton in London's East End.

    They released their debut single "Battle Creek Brawl" (Vinyl Solution, 1990) to some acclaim, which was followed swiftly by the single "No Sell Out/Crime Story" (Vinyl Solution, 1991). Both singles were well received within the hip hop scene, but following this release Q-Roc left the group to join Son of Noise under the name Curoc. Mercury, Alkaline and White Child Rix continued with the group, releasing a succession of singles in 1991/1992 that soon cemented them a place as one of the leaders of the UK Hip Hop scene. Their style was hardcore and fast, quickly coming to be considered - along with groups such as Hijack - the defining style of the genre.
    One of their releases in this period was "Killing Season/Nobody Move" (
    Vinyl Solution, 1992), which was the first of their tunes to feature guest vocals from the rapper Barry Blue. Blue continued to provide guest vocals on some tracks for the group right up until their final album, as well as releasing the White Child Rix produced "The Story Begins . . . EP" (Move, 1994) as a solo artist. Unfortunately, his solo career never took off.
    The reception of Gunshot's first singles was good, and demand was soon growing for an album. The group released the seminal album Patriot Games, which soon became regarded as one of the defining albums of the
    Homegrown scene. More singles followed, including "Color Code" (Vinyl Solution, 1994) which featured remixes by Dept Charge - repaying the favour of Alkaline rapping for them on the "Depth Charge vs Silver Fox" (Silver Fox Records, 1991) single.
    A second album was anticipated, and indeed the group were working on it for Vinyl Solution. However, there were problems and the album was never released. Instead, Vinyl Solution released a compilation of the highlights of the group's singles to date. This marked the end of Gunshot's association with Vinyl Solution, and the group went underground. They communicated with their fans via their now defunct website www.gunshotuk.com whilst they worked on getting a new record deal.
    The fruits of this were another single and a new album - Twilights Last Gleaming (Words of Warning, 1997), which was well received but led to another long period away from the limelight as they worked on producing their second album - International Rescue (Words of Warning, 2000) - from the ground up. Again, the album was well received but failed to ignite the scene in the way that their earlier work did. Most notable on the album was the track "The English Patient", which included guest spots from some of the founding father's of the UK scene -
    Blade, MC Mell'O', Huntkillbury Finn, Chester P and Icepick. The song bemoaned the current state of the British scene - at a time when new artists were starting to come up and get recognition nationwide.
    The album was billed as Gunshot's final album even before it was released, and the group made good on that promise. In recent years, Alkaline has been guesting on tracks by artists such as
    Junior Disprol (Fleapit) and Aspects. There is still hope within the scene that the group will reform, although as yet there is no sign of it happening.

    (taken from Wikipedia)

    1stly Patriot Games which was relesed back in 1993

    pass : juswtcl

    2ndly We've The Classic Twilight Last Gleaming

    Gunshot (97) Twilight Last Gleaming

    pass : juswtcl

    3rdly we've The International Rescue LP

    Gunshot (2000) International Rescue

    pass : juswtcl

    Don't forget to Buy It Here

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    Funky DL Jazz Collat

    just a quick post before I head back to work.......some of Funky DL's work, cut from 12's, EP's & Albums. Theres 17 tracks of some classic DL Jazz cuts'


    Japanese Amazon - Got some limited edition Stuff + some rare Hip-Hop (definitately worth a visit)

    Sunday, March 04, 2007

    KRS-ONE: Hip Hop Beyond Entertainment

    Kris doing his usual thing. Recorded Live at Hip Hop 101 Temple University April 2004

    Saturday, March 03, 2007

    World Trades TV

    World Trades has now opened a sister site called World Trades TV. All serious stuff, that you can watch instead of the tinned meat that pollutes the airwaves on the dailys. No adverts, no pointless hour long dog turds about The Top 100 Celeb Scandals Ever, just regular information injections on a wide range of need to know subjects, and direct links to download them.

    I'll be sorting the template out over the course of the coming weeks. Bookmark it, and increase your own awereness.

    World Trades Television


    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    King Sun - Strictly Ghetto EP - 1994

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  • Since when did World Trades start dealing in pap Hip Hop?

    It didn't.

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    Label: Cold Chillin
    Original Release Date: September 27, 1994

    1. Humm Deez Nuts
    2. Street Corner
    3. BNS Sex
    4. Once upon a Time
    5. Suck No Dick
    6. Robbin' of da Hood
    7. Get Down With da Get Down

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    One Self - Blue Bird - 2005

  • Discogs - One Self

  • One Self.NET

  • Discogs - Ninja Tune Archive

  • As requested, the rather nice 12" single by One Self, (the inst of which is whats been playing in the MP3 player for the past couple)... Who are, DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum 13 If you don't know. Out on Ninja Tune. Fare few things out now including Children Of Possibility and Insts, Paranoid, and Be Your Own, which strangely isn't listed on Ninja Tune.NET. As always, the links to get schooled absolutely on anything One Self are supplied above.

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    Label:Ninja Tune
    Catalog#:ZEN12 165
    Format:Vinyl, 12"
    Released:30 May 2005
    Genre:Electronic, Hip Hop
    Style:Broken Beat, Trip Hop
    Credits:Scratches - DJ Woody

    A1 Blue Bird (Video Version) (3:42)
    A2 Blue Bird (Instrumental) (3:43)
    A3 Blue Bird (Accapella) (1:54)
    B1 Fear The Labour (LP Version) (5:27)
    B2 Vision Of Visions (Fear The Re-Vocal) (4:34)

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  • Buy other One Self releases direct from NinjaTune.NET

  • Buy & listen to individual tracks at iSound

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    DustyCratesRadio February 28th

    FREE MP3 Download (Right hand click, and then click save target as...)



    Domingo ft. Terminology – Cold World
    Cam’ron – Cha Ching
    Begetz ft. AZ and Half-A-Mil – Cold Outside
    Smif N Wessun – Get Em
    Marco Polo ft. Kardinal Offishall – War
    Kool G Rap and DV Alias Khrist – Hood Tales
    Muneshine ft. Terminology and Sean Price
    Blaq Poet – We Gon Ill
    Verb T – Showbitchness
    Zion I – Boom Bip
    Yungun and Mr Thing – The Games Remix
    Living Legends and Madlib – Blast your Radio
    J Dilla – Only One Can Win
    Kazi and Madlib – Average
    Public Enemy – Louder Than a Bomb (JamMaster Jay Remix)
    Klashnekoff – Out Time
    Havoc from Mobb Deep – Alone
    Apathy and Celph Titled – Sound of The Clap
    Mr Tibbs ft. Rodney P and Orifice – Keep It Movin Remix
    Ghost ft. Abstract Rude – Basic Instinct
    Diversion Tactics ft. Verb T – 2084
    Mr Drastick ft. Doc Brown – Rep Dat
    S Type ft. Sonny Jim and KoSyne – Buried Alive
    Manage ft. Kashmere, Verb T and Katarina – Soul Cry
    MOP ft. Papoose and Beanie Sigel – Increase the Murder Rate
    Redmaster and Beat Butcha – So Long
    Royce Da 5’9 and Terminology – What you call that
    Kashmere – Playing With Fire
    Noreaga – Cocaine Cowboys
    Head Roc – Cris Columbus (The Last Skeptik Remix)
    J Dilla – Crushin
    Little Brother ft. Black Star – Let It Go
    Young Chris ft. JNR Reid – Things Ive Done In Life
    Klashnekoff – The Revolution Will not be Televised (On Channel U)