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4 Great Artists

Blue Scholars

The Blue scholars latest release Bayani epitomises Hip-Hop....You only know me through my posts, but "they" do say you can gage alot from a mans music so if you like the stuff I review & upload then head over to the MySpace (link provided) or Amazon & buy this album, its definately not being topped this year.

The tracks provided are 2 tracks from The Long March EP (2005) & the recent prodigee Bayani (2007)

Blue Scholars - Loyalty
Blue Scholars - Morning Of America
Blue Scholars - Sagaba (Remix)
Blue Scholars - Talk Story

In homage to hip-hop's empirical formula - one DJ & one MC, and duos such as Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Gangstarr and Blackalicious, the Blue Scholars embody the chemistry that made these groups so consistent not only on wax, but live on stage as well. What results is the blend of poetic, raw vocal delivery with melodic boom-bap and turntablism, painted with politics and preservation. Residing where the hustle and the struggle coincide, Blue Scholars craft the soundtrack for everyday folks with everyday problems seeking everyday release.
After dropping one full-length album (Blue Scholars LP, 2005) and an EP (The Long March, 2005) the Blue Scholars have emerged as the latest in a long line of torchbearers for Seattle and greater Pacific Northwest hip-hop scene. The duo formed in early 2002 after ciphers and sessions in a makeshift attic-bedroom-studio in Seattle's University District, where emcee Geologic and DJ/producer Sabzi came from vastly different musical approaches to collide. One a distinguished battle emcee and poet, the other a former punk/ska drummer and jazz-trained pianist, the duo's backgrounds laid the foundation for a versatile combination of beats and rhymes at once political and personal.

Since 2002, the duo has become renowned live show veterans, rocking nearly 200 shows with the likes of De La Soul, Immortal Technique, The Coup, Zion I, One Be Lo, Soul Position, Slick Rick and Spearhead. The mass appeal of their live show has brought them to many diverse venues - from labor organizing conferences and youth-run community center shows to playing the main stage at Sasquatch! (2006) and Bumbershoot (2006).

In June 2006, Blue Scholars joined forces with Common Market (emcee RA Scion and DJ Sabzi) and emcee Gabriel Teodros (of Abyssinian Creole) to launch MASS LINE MEDIA, a new artist-run independent record label.


The media has called him a mystery man. He makes you scratch your head and ask yourself all types of questions. How did he flip that sample to make that melody? Is it true that he makes all his beats with computer software? Is it true that he only started really making beats around 2000? Is he Chicano? Hapa? Mestizo? Palestinian? (He's Persian, folks). Did he go to my high school (somewhere in the North End)? Does he have a girlfriend? Is he some sort of communist like that damn rapper in his group (he's Baha'i, draw your own conclusions)? Where did he learn to dance like that?

While the public at large goes mad pondering these questions, Saba is sitting somewhere in basement on Beacon Hill, crafting some thickly layered melodic mood music. His homecooked vibe is naaaasty - like spring rolls without the sauce, like chelo kabob without sumac, or really old doogh - as he draws influences from a wide spectrum of music, with Pete Rock, DJ Premier and Madlib on one end, and Aphex Twin and NOFX on the other. And yea, Middle Eastern and Indian music, too.

He's currently mediating the contradiction between joblessness and holding an B.A. in economics through random hustles, DJ gigs, temp jobs testing video games, and mandatory frugality. As a result, the group has the benefit of a DJ who can count the change in your purse - really fast.

Geologic – Prometheus Brown

Geologic came on the scene simultaneously through the battle circuit and as a spoken word poet. Drawing from both experiences, his rhymes seek to build and destroy at once, a balance of imagery and wordplay with a sharpened analysis and an unapologetically critical world view.

The second son of Filipino working-class immigrants, Geo moved frequently up and down the West Coast and to Hawaii, coming of age in Bremerton and soon making his way to Seattle. Years of building in the progressive arts community with isangmahal arts kollective led to community organizing in the youth and student sector with Anakbayan.

Emcees who have influenced him, in no particular order: Nas (poetic), Rakim (delivery, voice), Ras Kass (organic intellectualism), 2Pac (complexity, duality), E-40 (slang, swagger), Boots (politics), Aceyalone (conceptuality), KRS-One (authority), Chuck D (articulation), Common (introspection), Paris (fearlesness), Pharaohe Monch (wordplay).

He works in Seattle's Chinatown, a block away from the hotel that Ray Charles played his first gig at, and across the street from where Bruce Lee worked and lived.

Blue Scholars on Discogs

Official Blue Scholars Site

Blue Scholars MySpace

or Cultivating Your New Experience is an underground hip hop group. Avoiding the material trappings of mainstream hip-hop as well as the lyrically self-congratulatory social consciousness of much of today's underground, the two MCs and two producers of CYNE are everything hip-hop should be: lyrical commentary that opens minds and moves bodies. Hailing from West Africa and the cultural melting pot that is Florida, CYNE has spent the past four years working to make sense of the world through the introspective interplay of emcees Akin and Cise Star. Akin attacks the mic with a conversational flow that runs with a sense of impassioned urgency, while Cise Star's delivery rolls over the listeners with an uncanny self-assured smoothness. Together, they reach back to the self-reflective days of hip-hop's past, they engage themselves and the world in discussion of matters social and personal import. Beneath the lyrical venom of Akin and Cise Star is the dynamic, layered genius of Speck and Enoch. Combining elements of rock, trip-hop, jazz, and countless other influences, they create atmospheric landscapes of simple complexity that push the creative capabilities of hip-hop, reminiscent of Five Deez and Japanese hip hop producer Nujabes, the latter of which Cise Star and Akin have also worked with.

I'm not a huge fan of CYNE, I love the emcees but find that half the songs are amognst genius & the other well....aren't, that for me comes down to the production. But the decent tracks really are something to admire: 4 tracks from The Collection, Time Bieng & Evolution Fight

Cyne - First Person
Cyne - Octagon
Cyne - Paradise
Cyne - Tragic

Official CYNE site

CYNE MySpace

CYNE on Discogs


I've been familiar with Gagle for quite a while now, as the Far-East continues to press on with the epitome of Jazzy Hip-Hop & Gagle certainly keep that reputation in tight Tact. I've taken 4 tracks from the recent Big-Bang Theory (2 originals & 2 Instrumentals, as I've a vast knowledge of Japanese Lingua)

* DJ MITSU THE BEATS ([mitsu] the [bitsu] and autonym: Kawamura optical interest) older brother
* MC HUNGER (hanger and autonym: Kawamura optical child) younger brother
* DJ Mu-R (Mullerian, autonym: Koichi Miura)

solo album which release is done consists of three people of DJ Mu-R which HUNGER and the scratch which have DJ MITSU THE BEATS and original [hurou] whose appraisal is high is made to hear even in the foreign country. As for MC HUNGER and DJ MITSU THE BEATS actual sibling.

[jiyaji] of DJ MITSU THE BEATS which was shown even with the solo album the unique scramble, production and HUNGER probably is the reason of popularity. As a feature of the rhythm of the lap, [shinkopeshiyon] and three connected signsThere is frequent use, those [jiyaji] have become with one of the reasons which engender atmosphere.

Recent [jiyaji] the track/truck has become popular, but as for MITSU THE BEATS the time when to the last it has taken root in HIP HOP, because to ruin [jiyaji] which is converted one line is worked out, the core there is support from the HIP HOP listener.

DABO and M-flo, the hungry ghost ranger, rhyme 踏 combination union, you compete with Sound Market Crew whose, local end is the same there is the connection of the many artist.



  • BUST THE FACTS (2001/5/31)
  • 3 MEN ON WAX (2002/8/9)
  • Superego (2004/8/25) mini- album
  • GAGLE RETROSPECTIVE-Mixed by DJ Mu-R- (2004/8/26)
  • BIG BANG THEORY (2005/11/23)

With Others

  • "Tate & Markie" joy 唄” (2004/3/10)

  2. Life Is Show (feat.GAGLE)

  • JAFROSAX “JAFROSAX” (2004/3/24)

  6. Truth empty impression ~feat. GAGLE


  • NEW AWAKENING (2003 August 14th)
  • RE-NEW AWAKENING Part.1 (2004 September 10th)
  • RE-NEW AWAKENING Part.2 (2004 September 10th)
  • Excellence: Selected Works (2006 June 16th)
  • 25 Rose (2006 August 9th)
  • Stones Throw Ten Years Mixed By Mitsu The Beats (2006 October 21st)
  • Bbe Sessions (2006 November 4th)
In addition DJ MITSU THE BEATS has gone Remix of the other artist and offer etc of tune

Gagle - Rap Mystery Circle
Gagle - Shikabane O Koete (Unplugged) (ft. Cro-Magnon)
Gagle - Shikabane Wo Koete (Instrumental)
Gagle - Sokokugo Zenya (Instrumental)

Granite State

Not 100% sure where or how I stumbled across these two, but nevertheless a more than impressive album, More often than not I found myself restarting near enough every track due to the-ever- impressive production & flow.

New Hampshire isnt synonymous with hip-hop music, but when Bugout and Doug York say they want to change that, its clear theyre serious. Together, the two lifelong friends make up the Exeter based hip-hop group Granite State. Be sure you dont get it twisted though, this isnt a pipe dream from some hack kids in the sticks....

A lifetime in the making, Granite States debut album is more than the groups first release, its their Breaking Point. Coming from two different backgrounds, Doug York and Bugout express two different points of view, yet the same frustrations. No gun talk, jewelry, or tales of heists, The Breaking Point is the average blue collar fans life put to music. It is the struggle that everyone can relate to, no matter where youre from. Whether its getting personal on, "Said and Done", settling the score on "My Sweet Revenge", or getting the party going with, "What Up B?!", the album represents an America rarely portrayed at all in todays mainstream Hip Hop.

Backed by strong production from DC the MIDI Alien (Cormega, 7L & Esoteric, Termanolgy) and Statik Selektah (AZ, KRS-ONE, Royce the 59, OC) Granite States album is destined to put Northern New England on the Hip Hop map.

Granite State has had numerous songs on various mixtapes throughout the world and theyve received spins from DJ Premier (NYC), DJ Geespin (WJMN Boston), Sirius Shade 45 and Groove FM (Australia). The follow up single "Gone With The Wind" has been on Sirius satellite radio's Hip Hop Nation top five hit list.

The group has rocked dozens of shows across the Northeast, including headlining the bill at numerous sold out venues in New Hampshire, the groups home state. Granite State has shared the stage with Method Man, Krumbsnatcha, Royce 5' 9", Devin The Dude, Black Sheep, 7L & Esoteric, C-Rayz Walz, Louis Logic and Akrobatik.

Granite State - Darker Than Blue
Granite State - Gone With The Wind
Granite State - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Granite State - Said & Done

Granite State MySpace

Granite State CD Bay

Blue Scholars, Cyne, Gagle & Granite State

remember to check the webpages (links provided) - pass: juswtcl

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Witchdoctor Wise

Alright peeps. Usually ima present u records that are outta print n reppin the golden 90s indie-era. Today I’m makin’ an exemption to make some noise for my man WITCHDOCTOR WISE!

Few months ago the doctor dropped his blazin debut-album titled “trapped in the asylum” on the new Heroic Records label. The album he produced here is not just a compilation of some of his work but a really self-contained full-lenghter you can listen to from a thru z! Wise takes you on this album to a journey from classic bangers through great party tracks, then on the grimy dark-side and finally goes into a period of mellow reflection and musical experimentation. To round up the great work Wise invited other emcees such as DR. SYNTAX, RUP THE CNUT, DEVISE, NAIM and his fellas from the crews of Lost Souls & Skillmega that are MR. J, FREECY D and REPS to contribute to his album.

Samples from “trapped in the asylum” album – click here…

To complete the background of Wise, here’s some other facts n figures:
Wise is an MC from the Brighton-based underground collective called LOST SOULS and the London/Brighton/Poland-based crew SKILLMEGA. During the years of his presence in the game he did hundreds of shows, mainly in UK, Poland and the Czech Republic, either as the headline act or then supporting other crews and acts such as PUBLIC ENEMY, THE BEATNUTS, BLAK TWANG, ROOTS MANUVA & SKINNYMAN.


2002 Lost Souls - Scratching the Surface EP (Janomi Records)

2004 Lost Souls - Fiveways EP (Janomi Records)

2004 Skillmega - Bitter Blocker EP (Cryogenic Records)

2007 Witchdoctor Wise - Trapped in the Asylum LP (Heroic Recordings)

2007 Skillmega - Normal Magic LP (Asfalt Records)

More information: check Wise’s Myspace.

my conclusion: there’s not many really good new albums out there in 2007 but this full-length here is definitely a great drop you shouldn’t be sleepin’ on! “trapped in the asylum” has everything a HH-connoisseur is lookin for: an awesome variety beat-wise and fantastic rhymes n flows of very talented rappers!


Review’s been brought II u by: ral278

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Nextmen - Blunted In The Backroom - 2005

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  • Nextmen.COM

  • Discogs - The Nextmen

  • The Nextmen compile mash-ups of vintage reggae cuts like the Pioneers' \"Long Shot Kick the Bucket\" as well as two of their own pieces in a smart and boombastic set.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    1. Intro: The Pioneers – Long Shot Kicked The Bucket/Louis Culture/Gangslee The Upsetters – Return To Django
    2. Val Bennett – Russians
    3. Herman Marquis – Tom’s Version/KRS One – Ah Yeah (Accapella)
    4. Mike Aaron & Eddie – Haiku d’etat (Accapella)
    5. Bob Marley – Mr Brown
    6. The Hippy Boys – Capo
    7. The Upsetters – Clint Eastwood
    8. The Hippy Boys – Cloudburst/Large Professor – It’s Large (Accapella)
    9. Harry J Allstars – Liquidator
    10. Toots & The Maytals – Louie Louie
    11. Ninjaman & Flourgon – Zig It Up
    12. Stinga D – Unoo Fi Cool
    13. Tenor Saw & Buju Banton – Ring The Alarm Quick
    14. The Nextmen feat Dynamite MC – Blood And Fire
    15. The Nextmen feat Demolition Man – Piece Of The Pie
    16. Augustus Pablo – East Of The River Nile /DJ Yoda Feat. People Under The Stairs – Quid Control (Accapella)
    17. Ray Alphonso – El Torro
    18. Bob Marley – Small Axe/Joe Gibbs – Fat Dog Joe
    19. Jimmy Cliff – Wonderful World
    20. The Pioneers – Long Shot Kicked The Bucket
    21. Bob Marley – Rainbow Country
    22. Ken Boothe – Everything I Own
    23. Louie Lepkie – Top Jugglin
    24. Bagga & Keith Hudson – Black Belt Jones
    25. Horace Andy Meets The Mad Professor – Vanity Vanity
    26. Danny Livingston – Reggae In Ya Jeggae
    27. Barrington Levy – Shaolin Temple
    28. Prince Jammy – Throne Of Blood
    29. Viceroys – My Mission Is Impossible
    30. Bob Marley – Rock My Boat

    VBR - 101Mb In 2 parts :

  • Download - ZShare

  • Download - ZShare

  • Buy various Nextmen releases from Amazon

  • Buy the 2007 LP 'This Was Supposed To Be The Future' from

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    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    Just Jack - The Outer Marker - 2003

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  • Just Jack On Discogs

  • Just Jack.Co.UK

  • Just Jack - Myspace Page

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  • Download - Rapidshare
  • < Sorry about Rapidshare don't worry I won't be making a habit of it.

  • Buy the new 2007 album from a choice of retailers here

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    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    SON Records

    dug out some nice british stuff to do another review in here! today I bring you some work outta the beat-kitchen of the UK-label SON RECORDS. This label started their work in the mid-90s as the hip hop branch of the well known Ninja Tunes label.

    The first EP from that exquisite label I review in here is from the crew UK CARTEL (are rapper SHADO, producer DEADBEAT and female rapper MECA). Their EP was dropped in 1998 and brings the awesome tracks like “no doubt” – ruff and smooth at the same time. “b.u.r.y.” the rugged song where Shado would measure up with all UK emcees and last but definitely not least “uk yakuza” – my raw fav on this wax.

    Uk cartel_no doubt-EP

    Next release on that “Buddha”-label was again in 1998. the EP was runnin under the name of it’s mighty and very famous producer MAD DOCTOR X (that people may know better as Brace Banna) and was titled “project x ep”. On it you find again three amazing tracks. “deejays & emcees” that comes with a shipload of guest-rappers such as QUAKES, SHYLOC & SPICE (reppin’ THE BROTHERHOOD), TENOR FLY, VOYAGER and BLAK TWANG! The beat is just pure fire with pushin beatz, great variety of different samples and the emcees are just spittin ill on that track….definitely not just a song for deejays & emcess but also for the b-boyz! “keep it lovely” is the next track where guest emcee SHADO (of UK CARTEL) is doin his thang and got his back up by WILL GEORGE who gives some dime bar-style vocals on it. The last (and best) track is “fluent in the martian tongue” that features rapper VOYAGER. Man, this is such a sick beat that really sounds alien-like and also Voyager’s rhymes seem to come from another world!

    Mad doctor x_project x-EP

    The last review about Son records here is a release outta 2002. this time it’s on Nottingham rapper MIDNYTE who kicks his dope stuff on that great “speak the truth EP”. Totally you gonna find 4 tracks on it but let’s start one by one: “nadia” – a very melodic piece with great storytelling (and someday that voice-sample from that lady will drive me insane…but that’s OK to me). “them or us” – dark beat and good rhyme flow. “notts rep” – speedy beat combined with good rhyme skills and scratches…whutcha want more? And my winner “speak the truth (it’s for the record)” – where MID shows us the inner of his mental state using a great emotive beat!

    Midnyte_speak the truth-EP

    If you wanna know more bout the label and the many other releases (some are CD only unfortunately) they had then check their homepage. Most of the older material is outta print but you still should be able to get them here n there…

    Enjoy that great UK-stuff…..peace!

    Review’s been brought II u by: ral289

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    Verb T and The Last Skeptik LP Launch This Friday @ Carhartt Store LONDON +FREE+

    Verb T and The Last Skeptik's highly anticipated "Broken Window" album is being released on August 20th, and to celebrate, the guys have linked with with the legendary Carhartt clothing label to throw a free party at their flagship London store...

    It is FREE entry, its in central London, and its After work...and there is FREE BEER courtesy of MEANTIME BREWERS.. what more do you want??

    The heavyweight line up is as follows...

    ... featuring special guests including JEHST and SYANYDE

    SKREIN (Foreign Beggars), FLUTEBOX and DJ MOODIE
    ASAVIOUR and DJ IQ (A Loop)
    GHOST (DJ Set)


    ... This is will be a roadblock event, so get there early...

    Advance copies of Verb T and The Last Skeptik's "BROKEN WINDOW" CD featuring SWAY, EDO G, JEHST, KASHMERE, SYANYDE and BIG RED .. will be available at discount prices on the night....


    see the flyer:

    "Scorching hiphop - soundtrack to the summer" HipHopConnection
    "Quality homegrown shiznit. Guaranteed" - Blues & Soul
    "You need to grab this as soon as" - ATM
    "Hurry up Broken Window" - Big Smoke
    "Too good to miss - 5 Stars" - Fast Car Magazine
    "Instantly Impressive" - RWD

    Great Britain Edit :

    Vid of the night provided by Aiden, well done breads.