Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hip Hop Appreciation wk With KRS-One

Jus quickly.....peep this!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Static: The Movement v1.2 (World Music)

Another drop from the gritty movement whcih seems to be making alotta ground in the world of electronic music, advertised for fans of J Dilla, Waajeed, Madlib and Sa-ra Creative Partners. these drops offer nothing but, class; modeled on themes for each series, the current theme World Music will surely entail elements crossing borders world-wide. (1st track is top notch by tErU)

this is the 3rd release in the series thus far; this follows series 1.1 Magic Night available from the site, also kop the 1st serie 1.0. (damn Chiefs track is tight)

    1. 01 - tErU feat Supafuh - Yamabushis (2:42)
    2. 02 - Matrix Beatz - Space India (2:29)
    3. 03 - Chief - Breakfast in Tokyo (3:32)
    4. 04 - Crackzata - Oh pagode (3:40)
    5. 05 - Nicky Lars - AFREAKA(BIL) (1:39)
    6. 06 - O5kiem - beats make fallin asleep (4:00)
    7. 07 - Madden - From B to I (3:04)
    8. 08 - Jr EakEe - Ngoni Guitar Ouatson
    9. 09 - SPON - GO!!!
    10. 10 - Moar - Ya head
    11. 11 - AK the Urbanist - Griots of rythm
    12. 12 - Young Raven - Medina
    13. 13 - Tismé & Spacis'm - Samboss
    14. 14 - Milesfender - Miles of the World
    15. 15 - Greg 7e ciel - En la onda
    16. 16 - Alif King - Neo AOF

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Touch (2009) First Touch LP

Finally here it is, the long awaited First Touch debut longplayer. During a creative period of almost two years and several unexpected breaks and ups and downs, the two band members nanthara and jelly put all strength together and selected 10 fine boogie tunes to please your thirst for authentic true 80's funk'n'disco grooves. It's officially released early 2009 on their own homebase label Highsteppin records. The tunes were completely mastered by our partner in crime Reeno at spazzoid studios nyc. The group's first release got a great approach that hints at more sophisticated soul styles, but which is still firmly in charge of those bass-driven grooves that made the late 70ies disco, early 80ies funk years so fascinating to funkheads all around the world. Originality is the ruler of the set, and most tracks here vamp around in a very smooth modern soul style of groove.

Lots of chord progressions jumping around irresistible rhythms, a reduced but effective ensemble arrangement style, and not to mention an armada of synthesizers help keep things clean and mean. From the smooth midtempo tune 'all because of you' to the more uplifting gem 'it's yours', you can't help but smile. Groove & move to the debut lp from this Germany/Mannheim based funk group, delivering a long lost goodtimesfeel along with the side-dishes of boogie and modern soul.

First Touch (2009)

Jinesis & Prickly Pear (2009) Coffee Shop

A Dedication to Detroit, you know what that means.....gritty soul, raw funk, big drums amidst the heat of rhythm.....enjoy & keep an eye on these 2, check the spaces



Jinesis & Prickly Pear (2009) Coffee Shop

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Real J. Wallace (2009) A New Day

What I know about this guy, is what I know about you so I'ma keep this ish simple, EP's tight well worth a listen. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK HIS SPACE

Real J. on the Space

Real J. Wallace (2009) A New Day

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Pesky Varmints

super long time I didn't post in here as I simply didn't have any stuff from the land of fish'n'chips, Mary Poppins and so on ;-) but here we go....

I haven’t heard of this crew so far and the record was a random pick to make worth my overseas shipping costs. THE PESKY VARMINTS from the UK dropped this piece on the Cid Records label. You get served with 3 tracks totally that are: “bravelung” and “mr. majestic” – both tracks have a very industrial touch and also sound a lil bit like Co’ Flow. So these 2 tracks are very solid, not spectacular but also not crap in any kind but the best track on the EP is definitely the last one that is titled “peskaton remix”. Oh boy, how I like the samples bein’ used in there plus the nice beat that fits perfectly IMO. Ya can bet that I had to puff sum lah and enjoy that track when I got that wax some days ago!
Cuts n scratches on all tracks were done by Mr Gravity and Dr Strangearm – production was all done by Strangearm.

I did a short research online but so far couldn’t get any further information about the crew and if they have more stuff than this here so additional information is always welcome in the comments-section.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paul Pre (2009) x tRUE radio mix


01. Dorian Concept - Fort Teen
02. Exile - Your Summer Song
03. Floating Points - For You
04. Slumgullion - Disko Bowler
05. Devon - Houston
06. 14KT - Tick Tock Hustle
07. Débruit - Pointy
08. Harmonic 313 - The Returners
09. AD Bourke - Queen Beez
10. Jr EakEe - Club sandwich
11. Anemonen Entertainment - Soul Ane
12. CHIEf - Pump
13. 00Genesis - Cheddar Puff Dreams
14. Mr. Beatnick feat. Ahu - I Know All The Bitches // Bullion Remix
15. Dr. Who Dat? - Ghetto dreaming
16. SA-RA Creative Partners - Master Teazer (Ken's Revenge Edit)
17. Suzi Analogue - Hey Relax
18. !NSiDE - orb-15
19. Brenk - Ole Woam (Iawiszas)
20. KiEnRa - Golden Child
21. Byron & Onra - The Return
22. Elaquent - Tip Toes
23. Slumgullion - Springers
24. Flying Lotus - RobertaFlack (Featuring Dolly)
25. Afta1 Feat. Kreme - Six
26. Comfort Fit - Rock da Dam (feat. Portformat)
27. Kazi - You Wanna Take this (fLako Remix)

PAUL RPE x tRUEradio mhz x YYY

Bluntmosphere (2009) Semester Break Tape (v. III)

beatmaker from zürich, switzerland diggin in the crates, Flavorin the Fender Rhodes, sweetin it with Gobin Guitar & Blednin it with Fruity loops.

Semester break Tape (vol. III)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sir OJ & FS Green (2009) Remixing EP

New drop from production extrodinaires hailin from the land of the Dutch. Story behind this EP? Dutch radio station KINK FM and television network Veronica (V-Academy) recently did this program called CollabOrHate. Each week they put 2 totally different artist / singer / band / producer / musician in a studio for 6 hours, with the idea of making a track together, and see if they would Collab or Hate. Simple, fun.

This resulted in 6 episodes. KINK FM approached FS & SirOJ, asking if they'd be interested in remixing 6 tracks..........Enjoy

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oddisee, X.O. & Y.U (Diamond District) (2009) In the Ruff

Y.U., Oddisee & X.O. Respectively

New from Oddisee, X.O. & Y.U......dope music from Hip-Hops Best at present, and mos-definately the best on the mic, props to the Low Budget Movement, check this ill-release.

The District of Columbia is home to our nations politics and some of the wealthiest African Americans in the country. It is also home to one of the nations largest income gaps with some of the highest crime, murder and STD rates. It is the culmination of these statics that defines DC Hip Hop. Oddisee (producer/MC from Prince George’s county, Maryland) formed this group with solo artist, XO and YU. The idea was to create a mid-90’s boom-bap themed record for the DC, Maryland & Virginia metropolitan area. XO, (born & raised in North West DC) defines what it is to be a black male raised in the district, with lyrics that have a way of philosophizing that street life. Oddisee defines the experience of growing up in black middle class Maryland. Bordering the poverty his and many other families fled to escape, they found the troubles of the inner city came along with them. YU, having been raised in the district, Maryland & Virginia, shows that DC culture exceeds it’s 10 mile radius. “In The Ruff” is the DMV’s soundtrack. its street savvy, politically conscious lyrics and grimy beats depict life in and around our nations capitol.

Diamond District (DL)

Elaquent, Mr. Diabiase, Mr. Hone, Olli, Supa Koopa, Chief (2009) Isaac haye Tribute

A Huge lineup her, ft. production from the next generation of Old Skool Legends, such as Elaquent (EQ), Mr. Diabiase, Supa Koopa, Mr. Hone & Chief & to an abundance of other talented beatsmifs, this a timeless tribute to the legendary Isaac hayes, Jazzy, Soulful & Gritty.....timeless epic seasoned with the soundsa the tru-skool.....Tune in

Hip-Hop Connection Digital Magazine issue 01

Keepin up with the jones' is a tedious but exciting element of modern marketin, advertisin & Journalism, with that in mind HHC, Hip-Hops longest servin Magazine came to a halt this year......& also began.

Its new distrubution techniques involve the online world, the 1st issue, is available free for download from their webpage, whether charges will be introduced in future is beyond my knowledge at present....to be honest I don't really care.

The Magazine features MF Doom whom is due to drop his long awaited LP shortly (although shitheads have big-time bootlegged that), Charles Hamiton, Ghost, Delegates Of Culture, Wordsmith & Inc The Poet & The extremely Talented Mr Lif, as always with HHC you can expect reviews of newcommers from LP's to Artists & of course alotta useless jargon & some highly contreversial comments from some of their moronic writers

Hip-Hop Connection - Digital Issue 01 (apr 2009)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Budamunky & Joe Styles (2009) BudaStyles - (JazzySport)

Joe Styles on Myspace

Budamunky on Myspace

You may or may notta herda Joe Styles, nevertheless A real gem & positve mover amongst the Tru-Skool scene, his first drop arived in 2002 via an LP namely "Joe Stylin - Melodica Era", His latest drop is a dope soundin collabo with one of Hip-Hops finest labels; JazzySport.

On Production is Budamunky; a favourite of mine, (I've got Joe Styles myspace player inthe background.........damn). Real chilled beats, if your a fan of Hip-Hop then as they say, don't sleep.

Preview the new LP, nicely named