Thursday, November 30, 2006

MC Life - Freestyle Part 1

This is the first of a few video clips posted on You Tube featuring MC Life of Phi Life Cypher, well worth a look, Im only gonna post Part 1 on here but if you want to see the rest Ive added the links below...

Part 2
Part 3


Ghost - Seldom Seen Often Heard - 2006

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  • Discogs - Ghost

  • - Evil Ed Interview

  • Ghost is a well known figure in the UK Hip Hop scene. Starting life in Glasgow, moving onto Norwich, Derby, Manchester then London, Ghost has seen a lot of life from a lot of different places which has influenced his sound as it is today. Producing from an early age but unable to fund buying the equipment needed to make music, Ghost spent years learning his trade before releasing any product. From 2000 onwards Ghost spent his time learning mixing techniques and learning the skills needed to be able to release music, he would spend time handing out remix CD's at jams across London, and working on his radio show the "Midweek Session" on London only station dedicated to Hip Hop Itch fm
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  • 01.Part Of My Life Intro
    02.seldom seen often heard feat.verb t, kashmere, asaviour & dj iq
    03.basic instinct feat.abstract rude
    04.make a difference feat.lowkey skit feat.disorda aka johnny zig zag
    06.the pay off feat.verb t & asaviour
    07.valley of the legends feat.kashmere to me feat.devorah
    09.invisible inc feat.verb t & kashmere
    10.alien invasion feat.finale & biscuit
    11.on the right track feat.asaviour & dj iq
    12.through the hills feat.mudmowth for the people skit
    14.learn respect feat.dubbledge
    15.better tomorrow feat.asaviour & verb t
    16.round trip feat.biscuit
    17.seldom seen outro

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    Asaviour Ft Braintax - So Northern

    Evil Ed - The Enthusiast - 2004

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  • Discogs - Evil Ed

  • - Evil Ed Interview

  • - Evil Ed Interview and Album Review

  • Evil Ed has long been one of my favorite UK producers and to my mind this is one of the best producer albums to come out of the UK in the last 10 years. From start to finish 'The Enthusiast' showcases the rawest lyrical talent over truly memorable beats, this is defiantly an album you'll keep on heavy rotation for future years. The record was two years in the making and it shows in the intricate rhyming patterns and thoughtful lyrics. Some of the insights are brilliant - on the dark side is Playin' The Game, where Asaviour raps emotively about hanging in there in the face of vulnerability, or Life's A Struggle, a deeply felt track but for me the highlight is Great Expectations from Manchester's finest crew the Microdisiacs... check it out!

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    1 Intro ft Eddie Skratch
    2 The Ed Zone ft Jehst
    3 Nico Suave ft Yungun
    4 Warm Things Up
    5 A New Way of Thinking ft Ricochet
    6 Black Stallions ft Kyza
    7 Sweeny Todd ft Ah Fly
    8 Branded ft Colony
    9 The Cavalry ft Tommy Evans, Ricochet,Yungun
    10 Great Expectations ft Microdisiacs
    11 Alive
    12 Have you 4gotten ft Lost Souls
    13 Captains of.... ft A Love
    14 The Audio Obstacle Course ft Eddie Skratch
    15 Raw Spuds ft Probe Mantis & Junior Disprol
    16 Playin the Game ft Asaviour
    17 Experts ft Mr Thing
    18 Think Back ft Doc Brown
    19 Lifes a Struggle ft Mic Assasins & Tommy Evans
    20 Weed ft Jehst & Asaviour

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    (2 x LP) 12 pounds 49 pence

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    SK Vibemakers Present - They Call Me Mr Ti2bs - From The Soul

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  • SK Vibemakers

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    001 - Chronicles DVD coming soon
    002 - Interview - The name
    003 - No need to be extra (Remix ft. Fallacy + Sincere)
    004 - Interview - Kemet records + History
    005 - 187 (Freestyle)
    006 - Interview - UK influence
    007 - Bangers (with Skinnyman)
    008 - Interview - Link up with Skinnyman
    009 - Today was a good day
    010 - Interview - Backpack MC
    011 - Stormy weather (Freestyle)
    012 - Interview -Fitting in
    013 - Channel U (Freestyle)
    014 - Interview - Godfather MC
    015 - Most MCs (Freestyle)
    016 - Interview - Views on the grime scene
    017 - Touch it (Freestyle)
    018 - Shottaz (Freestyle)
    019 - Interview - Role model/Ambassador
    020 - Straight to the point (Freestyle)
    021 - Do you (with Rodney P)
    022 - Blood (Freestyle)
    023 - Interview - Trying to achieve
    024 - Listen (freestyle)
    025 - Would you believe
    026 - Interview - From the soul
    027 - Lusting love
    028 - Spinning
    029 - Interview - Overstanding
    030 - Soul (Freestyle)
    031 - Interview - The future
    032 - BONUS - Do it for yourself (with Tali)

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    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    DJ Muzzell - DMC 05 World Routine Session.

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    3582 - Situational Ethics - 2003

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  • Discogs - 3582

  • Discogs - Hum Drums

  • Hum Drums.DE

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:Hum Drums
    Catalog#:HD 008-1
    Format:2 x Vinyl, LP

    A2The E
    A3Look At You
    A4Loser Type
    A5Take It To The Face
    B1I Would Change
    B2Bad As They Come
    B3Vanessa From Venezuela

    C1The E (Instrumental)
    C2Look At You (Instrumental)
    C3Loser Type (Instrumental)
    C4Take It To The Face (Instrumental)
    D1I Would Change (Instrumental)
    D2Bad As They Come (Instrumental)
    D3Vanessa From Venezuela (Instrumental)

  • Download - Situational Ethics - ZShare

  • Download - Situational Ethics - Instrumentals - ZShare

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    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    Micall Parknsun - So What

    DJ Skully - Champion Sounds - 2003

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  • DJ Skully.COM

  • Discogs - DJ Skully

  • Kiss100.COM

  • Perhaps best known for his title-winning exploits in recent years, (He was the 2002 UK Champion and also came 2nd in the world DMC championships). He also co-hosts a show on Kiss FM alongside DJ MK.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    This LP features 15 previously unreleased tracks - all cut n' patched into a seamless 55 minutes of straight rockin hiphop. Swinging between US and UK joints the LP doesnt dwell on geography but prefers to hit hard n' keep the mood rolling deep. Not all of the tracks hit my sweet spot but my personal highlights include: 'Components of Competition' by Unleashed By Science which uses Skully's tight cuts to intersect some wicked themed lyrics, whilst the layered production grooves with panache. Lewis Parker's dark banger 'Ay Yo', his bumpin production gets absolutely laced by Skriblah slapping down some bad battle rhymes. Celph Titled smacks some real attitude on 'Turntable Science' which gets atmospheric through shiny production and deejay themed verses - absolutely blinding.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    01. DJ Skully 'Intro'
    02. Unleashed By Science & DJ Skully 'Components Of Competition'
    03. Headkrack 'Champion Sounds Special'
    04. Maylay Sparks 'Take Risks'
    05. Royalty featuring Mikey Starr 'Word Play'
    06. Skriblah & Lewis Parker 'Ay Yo (I'm Here Now)'
    07. Canibus 'Escape To Victory'
    08. Celph Titled & DJ Skully 'Turntable Science'
    09. The ARE featuring Headkrack 'Moving Target'
    10. Joe Buhdha & Terrafirma 'B 4 U Die (The Burial)'
    11. Est'elle 'Feelings'
    12. Harmonic 33 featuring MCM 'It Feels Good'
    13. Danny Breaks 'Junkie For Beatz'
    14. Divine Mind featuring B.I., Loose Kannon, Mikchek & D.T. 'Good to Know'
    15. LPD 'This Life'
    16. Jehst & Tommy Evans 'Nouveau Riche' (BONUS EXCLUSIVE)

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  • Buy the Vinyl Direct from DJ Skully.COm for 5 QUID!!

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    The Souljah Clique - Stand Tall

    The Groove Of Satyre - Live Improvisitated Video

    V-SCRATCH : Valério Spoletini + Claudio Spoletini + AMH // Festival Arborescence

    AMH : Eterom + Morse + Mepho

  • Watch Video here

  • Direct download to the video in high quality (270 Mo - DIVx)

  • VLC Player

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    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    Bad Meaning Good - 1987 - Full Download

    1987 BBC Open Space Film by Dj Tim Westwood.

    Short clip features Mc Daddy Speedo & Fly Boy Dee, London Possi, a very young Trevor(Madhatter)Nelson & Dj Tim Westwood. Full version for download.

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  • Curtesy of my better


    Monday, November 13, 2006

    Diversion tactics/Beyond There - Ladies Man

    DJ Mentat, Skinnyman, Lowkey, Stylah & Mudfam

    DJ Louis Slipperz - 10 Pound Bag Vol. 2 - 2003

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  • Discogs - DJ Louis Slipperz

  • Rawdog Productions

  • - DJ Louis Slipperz

  • Intro - Kentish Town Kestral Klan / Spies In The Koffin - Task Force / UK Worriors - Roots Manuva / What U Need - Reveal & Doc Brown / Voodoo Style - Skit / Incogneto - Lewis Parker / Yungun [ Exclusive ] / Adventures Of A New Bohhemia - Jehst / Spend It On - Jehst & Yungun / Tunnel Vision - Brain Tax / Nasty Boy - Admiral Dirt Bag & Elmore Judd / Dirty Stop Out Undercover - Black Twang & Rodney P / Farmeasutra - Farma G / The Wickaman Theory - Chester P / Colonalize Man - DJ Vadim & Skinny Man / Arrest The President - Task Force / P.O.W - Universal Soldiers / Rodney P & Mystro / Filthy - M.O.N.G.O / Farma G & Ricochet Kalashnekov / Rockstarz - Task Force & Brain Tax / Beat Box Special - Killa Kella / Outro.

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    DJ Excalibah - The Ex Files Mix Tape - 2004

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  • Discogs - DJ Excalibah

  • - DJ Excalibah Interview

  • - DJ Excalibah

  • DJ Excalibah rose to fame as the voice of Tales from the Legend, a weekly independent and underground hip-hop show that aired on BBC's 1xtra and showcased real hip-hop from both sides of the Atlantic. For some reason his time was cut short after two year's to the amazement of many in the industry. His show was famous for it's UK Dubstates section in which Ex invited a UK MC to spit over a US beat. Hopefully we will see DJ Excalibah back on mainstream radio in the not so distant future.

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    The Creators - Bad Magic Mix Tape

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  • Discogs - The Creators

  • In 1999, The Creators dropped 'The Weight', and pretty much nothing happened in the UK. Even though this album features a plethora of guest stars from the US (Talib Kweli, Mos Def, El Da Sensei, Phil Da Agony, etc.) I don't think it did that well over in the states either. It really is their loss, because this record is outstanding. Managing to sound very accomplished for their debut album, The Creators have created an album which would match and surpass it's American counterparts. The album was self financed on the whole until Bad Magic stepped in with some backing. If you're into real hip-hop then I'd really recommend this album, and if your not convinced you'll like it check out this 40 min mix tape showcasing their skills which was released just after The Weight came out. You won't be disappointed!

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  • Download the Bad Magic Mixtape - 25mb Megaupload Link

  • Buy The Weight from - 12 pounds 99 pence

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    Saturday, November 11, 2006

    Bjork - All Is Full Of Love

    Not strictly hip hop, however it does have a very downtempo hip hop feel to it. Regardless If you've never seen this video, you need to. She's amazing.

    The Groove Of Satyre - The Truth About Pan's Sons

    Back with more real as you can get tablist mastery, is
    The Groove Of Satyre. Pay close attention to the Hypo Movie included in the download. I can pretty much guarentee you will never have seen anything like this. CRAZY nice... Featuring mans like Mr Henshaw, 2Tall, B-Ju, Morse, and Ken One amongst others... Whilst on the Groove Of Satyre site, you really need to be buying previous vinyl releases if you don't already know. This whole things made using Dialogue And Random Phase II. If you're a tablist and you havn't got that, well then you've got problems so waste no time.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    This creation is available under :
  • Creative Commons License

  • - What is TRUTH ABOUT PAN'S SONS ? -

    It is a polymorphous project gathering music tracks, a video clip, a loop player, all being produced only with our second sound library :
    Dialogue And Random Phase II


    01/ Panic ! Preface by KOMATAS (FRANCE)
    02/ DJ RUTHLESS (USA) - Uproar
    03/ COMME CI COMME ÇA COMME KYPSKI & LAH (HOLLAND) - A fuck on a first date
    04/ MORSE (FRANCE) - Contre-Pouvoir
    05/ LAMONT (BELGIUM) - Amnesia Walls
    06/ MR HENSHAW (USA) - Go Satyre
    07/ 2TALL (UK) - River Styx
    08/ CAVERN (FRANCE) - Glimmer
    09/ iNSiDEaMiND (CANADA) - From April To August
    10/ B-JU (GERMANY) - The Groove Of Halen On Rollerskates
    11/ PHONOMORPHA (FRANCE) - Planète Cerveau 44.3
    12/ KEN ONE (JAPAN) - Sora
    13/ PEDESTRIAN (UK) - Lands
    14/ FRANK VIGROUX (FRANCE) - Boxing Club 1

    - - - - - FREE DOWNLOAD :


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    Friday, November 10, 2006

    Ohmega Watts - Talks Digging Tactics

    Short interview with the man discussing dig habits.

    Lightheaded - Soul Power

    Video for "Soul Power" off of Lightheaded's Sophomore album "Wrong Way" out now on Tres Records, but featuring Ohmega Watts.

    Ohmega Watts - The Find - 2005

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  • Discogs - Ohmega Watts

  • Ohmega Watts.COM

  • Also on Ubiquity Records

  • Ubiquity Records.COM

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:Ubiquity Records
    Catalog#:URLP 174
    Format:2 x Vinyl, LP
    Style:Downtempo, Conscious
    Credits:Guitar - Barry Hampton (tracks: A1, B4, C1, D2, D3)
    Producer - Ohmega Watts
    Scratches - DJ Bombay (tracks: A3, A4)
    Vocals - Tiffany Simpson (tracks: B2, B3, C1)

    1. Intro
    2. Where It all Started Feat. DJ DNA
    3. That Sound Featuring: Lightheaded, The Procussions, and Noelle of the Rebirth
    4. You Are Now Tuned In Feat. Adam L & DJ Bombay
    5. Interlude 1: 'Journey'
    6. Full Swing Featuring: Neogen and Deacon
    7. A Request
    8. Mind Power
    9. Your Love Feat. Tiffany Simpson
    10. Treasure Hunt Feat. Sugar Candy
    11. Groovin' on Sunshine >> listen
    12. Interlude 2: 'At the Oasis'
    13. The Find Feat. Stro the 89th Key
    14. Saturday Night Live Feat. Surreal and Sharlok Poems
    15. Interlude 3: 'The Harder They Come'
    16. The Treatment Feat. Manchild, Braille, and Big Rec
    17. Stay Tuned Featuring: Sojourn
    18. Interlude 4: 'Ya'll There?'
    19. Floor Rock >> listen
    20. Move!
    21. Long Ago Feat. Othello
    22. Outro / Dream On

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    Ghost Feat Verb T, Kashmere and Asaviour - Seldom Seen Often Heard

    Qbert and Dstyles@Skratchcon2000

    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Ricci Rucker live in Pheonix

    Ricci Rucker - Dirty Soap Instrumentals - 2002

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  • Discogs - Ricci Rucker

  • Discogs - Aliosity

  • Discogs - Dirty Soap Insts

  • Discogs - Poly

  • Asisphonics.Net

  • Back by popular demand. Only 625 we're ever pressed. Bits and pieces of this album have been featured on various compilations and visual projects, such as The Resfest. 6 tracks, 1 scratch sample track. Extra crispy dirty electronics. Extra Limited.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:Epitome Of Fresh
    Format:Vinyl, 12"

    A1 Introdirt
    A2 Dirt Don't Hirt
    A3 Clean Dirt
    B1 New Dirt
    B2 Dirt Program
    B3 Dirty Larry
    B4 Dirty Drawls (For The DJs)

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  • Asisphonics Order Page

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    MC Pitman - It Takes a Nation of Tossers - 2003

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  • Discogs - Pitman

  • Discogs - Styly Cee

  • Discogs - Lost Island

  • It Takes a Nation of Tossers isn't gonna be everyone's cup of tea but if your a fan of comedy albums and/ or northern humor then this is gonna be right down your street! MC Pitman is the comedy creation of producer and MC Styly Cee of Lost Island fame. The album features alot of parodies of hip-hop joints, the title itself is obviously a Public Enemy rip-off. Although I wouldn't say this is a classic British hip-hop album it is a superb album from a man who would rather be digging coal with his big spade than making tunes. Pitman would rather talk about biscuits, chip rolls and tea than Uzis, pimps and ho's, which is what sets him apart from so much hip-hop." - Leeds

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:Son Records
    Catalog#:SON 026
    Format:Vinyl, LP

    1. Countdown To Pitworld
    2. What I Am
    3. Waiting
    4. When Miners Attack
    5. Witness The Pitness
    6. Words
    7. Sugar In Ya Peas
    8. The Pitman and Her
    9. Twat Farm Revisited
    10. Mr Pitiful
    11. Soot FM
    12. Mam Sed
    13. Food Interlood
    14. What's The Point?
    15. Two Twats

  • Download - 49mb Megaupload Link

  • Buy from Son Records - 10 pounds

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    DJ Klever @ DMC World Championships 2001

    Prime Cuts @ Tableturns 4th Anniversary

    Wednesday, November 08, 2006

    Dr Knox - iEgo

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  • Rough Records

  • ARTIST/BAND: Dr Knox
    BASED IN: Meanwood
    BAND MEMBERS: Malaki - Vocals, Wisdomtooth - Production

    We both went to primary school together and for that whole time were the best of friends. When Malaki was 13 years old he moved with his mother and sisters to Seattle in the US. We ended up losing contact and for many years grew up in very different environments. The main thing we had in common for all this time was indifference to the schooling system. Whilst we were both intelligent young people we felt excluded from our surroundings. I myself got expelled from my high school for smoking cannabis at 13 and moved to another high school where I knew no one. Nether of us achieved academic success and found ourselves wondering where our lives where going. Malaki moved back to Leeds a couple of years back. We soon hooked up and ever since have been working towards our album.

  • on

  • Taken from the BBC Leeds Website.

    Released earlier this year, is some absolute dopeness from straight out the heart of Leeds. Incredible value at £6, It will be a very very shrude movement to be getting your hands on this.

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  • Buy Direct From Rough - £6 and a quid postage

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    Dj Format - 3 Feet Deep

    DJ Format - The Hit Song

    Fabric Live 27 - DJ Format

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  • Discogs - DJ Format

  • FabricLondon.COM

  • Fabric London - FabricLive 27

  • FabricLive Catalogue

  • Matt Ford, formally known as DJ Format, comes straight outta 'Hampton. Southampton. Maybe not the glorified upbringing that's likely to be expected from a rising hip hop pioneer, but Format is plenty appreciative of his past. His background is a charming reflection of how he came to be the guru who now stands proudly behind a mastered set of decks, his tool of choice being a record box bursting with previously undiscovered gems and an enviable stack of his own EPs, LPs and remixes.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:Fabric (London)
    Catalog#:FABRIC 54
    Genre:Electronic, Funk / Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz
    Style:Instrumental, Conscious, Breaks, Soul, Bounce, RnB/Swing, Cut-up/DJ, Funk

    01. DJ Format - 33% B-Boy
    02. Ugly Duckling - U. D. In Brasil
    03. Lyrics Born - Do That There
    04. DJ Format Ft. Abdominal & D-Sisive - 3ft Deep
    05. Cut Chemist & This Kid Named Miles - SNT [Live At The Peace Pipe '93]
    06. Coldcut - Beats & Pieces
    07. Aspects - Bristol Fingers
    08. Jimmy Smith - Root Down And Get It
    09. Mr Lif Ft. Edan - Get Wise '91
    10. Nostalgia 77 - Changes
    11. Ella Fitzgerald - Sunshine Of Your Love
    12. Marsha Hunt - Hot Rod Poppa
    13. Reverend Cleatus & The Soul Saviours - The Slip
    14. Nina Simone - Save Me
    15. Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll & The Trinity - Indian Rope Man
    16. Julien Covey & The Machine - Sweet Bacon
    17. We The People - Breakdown
    18. Ellen Mcilwaine - Toe Hold [Live At The Bitter End, New York]
    19. Karachi Prison Band - Put Some Grit In It
    20. Ruff Francis & The Illusions - Give Me Mercy
    21. Linda Perry & Soul Express/Eddie Billups - I Need Someone
    22. John Murtaugh - Slinky
    23. Ananda Shankar - Dancing Drums
    24. Cleo Laine - Night Owl
    25. Edan Ft. Dagha - Rock And Roll

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    Tuesday, November 07, 2006

    The Creators - The Music

    Funky DL - Blackcurrant Jazz - 2002

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • Washington Classics

  • Discogs - Funky DL

  • Funky DL first pursued his interest in music back in 1985. At only 8 years old he took a keen interest in ragga music and listened to such acts as Lieutenant Stitchie and Papa San.

    Growing up in Hackney East London there was no short of an ethnic presence which meant that music was a common ground for many of the kids growing up and still is today.

    DL’s older brother often would borrow tapes from their older uncles (without their mother knowing) which meant that acts like NWA crept into the household. This sparked a keen interest in hip-hop and the story telling within music which led to DL’s interest in acts like Biz Markie and his classic

    “Pick The Boogas” and Special Ed’s and his famous “The Mission”

    KRS-1 was also a favourite with “Love’s Gonna Get Ya” which meant BDP albums were helping to increase the influence of hip-hop in DL’s life.

    After following the antics of the Fat Boys, Young MC, Master Ace and Schoolly D, DL got turned onto The Jungle Brothers and De La Soul and this was a crucial point in his affection with hip-hop as the afro-centric and eclectic funky sounds were ever so intriguing to a then 12 year old kid.

  • ...Read on

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    1. Talk About
    2. 2long
    3. & Ask For Dl
    4. Confused-
    5. Hit Me
    6. Roll The Dice
    7. Tangible
    8. Prediction
    9. Wonderful Feat. Guile
    10. What You Saying Girl
    11. Simply 2 Complicated
    12. High Endurance
    13. Keeping It Classic
    14. Music Feat. Sienna
    15. Turntables Hate Me
    16. It Still Rocks
    17. 2long Remix

  • Download - 89mb Megaupload Link

  • Buy direct from Wash Fam - £8.00

  • Washington Classics - Full LP Catalogue

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    Korea UK BBoy Championship 2006 TIP vs Drifters

    UK Bboy Championship 2002 UK Allstars vs Project Korea

    10 mins of the dope mevements....I'd have to check the DVD to be sure but It's the final round I believe.

    Vulks - Bulldog

    2Tall - Cuts Of Culture - 2005

  • DJ 2Tall.COM

  • Discogs - 2Tall

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    The artists featured on this compilation are all recognised leaders in the field, and also in their own countries. These include: D-Styles, Excess & Ricci Rucker (America), A-Trak (Canada), C2C, Kodh & Troubl (France), Noisy Stylus (Germany), 2tall, Daredevil & Tigerstyle (UK), Grazzhoppa & Killatactics (Belgium) and Kypski (Holland). Next to them we have a selection of upcoming talent in the form of Mista Ed (UK), Tayone (Italy), Lamont (Belgium), Beatwars (Germany) and TGOS (France), who each bring their own take on how to make music using turntables. In addition the compilation also features an exclusive Posse Cut track, called Operation Interference, which regroups 11 DJs from around Europe, including 7 past national DMC and ITF winners, who all drop 16 bars of scratching funk each over a devastating 2tall beat.

    This CD is VITAL.

  • Buy it direct from 2Tall.Com for £4.99 Plus P&P

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    MC Pitman aka Styly Cee

    Foreign Beggars - Slow Boiled Ilk EP - 2006

  • Discogs - Slow Broiled Ilk

  • For all you FB fans...

    Label:Dented , Casual Records
    Catalog#:DNT 011, LOUPE 022
    Format: Vinyl,12"
    Released:08 May 2006

    01-foreign beggars-slow broiled Ilk (ft.ohno)
    02-foreign beggars-backdraught (clean)
    03-foreign beggars-hot plate (ft.dubbledge)
    04-foreign beggars-slow broiled ilk (ft.ohno)(clean)
    05-foreign beggars-hot plate (clean)

  • Download - 20mb Megaupload Link

  • Buy direct from Dented - £6

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    Phi Life Cypher - Millennium Metaphors - 2000

    What more can I say about Phi-Life that hasn't been said a thousand times before. Put simply this Luton crew are on another level in terms of beat production and flow. Millennium Metaphors is probably their tightest release to date. From start to finish PLC deliver the freshest hip-hop, don't sleep...

    01. Intro
    02. ABC
    03. Rhyme Of The Times
    04. BBC
    05. Racists
    06. Drop Bombs
    07. Take Heed
    08. Verbal Wars
    09. Phi Life Phi Life
    10. Last Men Standing
    11. Fatcats
    12. Herbaholics
    13. Phi Life Is Here
    14. Tiks Sappan
    15. Bring It To Ya
    16. Bad Men From The West
    17. Class A Material
    18. Crazy Balheads
    19. Millennium Metaphors
    20. Shining

    Monday, November 06, 2006

    Lost Island - Forbidden Ground - 2000

    'Forbidden Ground' was the last full length album to be released from Nottingham 2 man crew Lost Island. Both Styly Cee and Frisco Boogie are still active in the UK hip-hop scene operating out of Son Records working alongside artists such as Cappo, Wordsmith and Midnyte. While Frisco concentrates more on the beats Styly can also be found performing around the country as ' MC Pitman' the foul mouthed miner from Coalville in Leicestershire. His first album 'It Takes a Nation of Tossers' was released in 2003 to mixed reviews and followed up in 2004 with 'Pit Closure', a skit based comedy album.

    1. Intro
    2. Notts
    3. Lunch in the Limelight
    4. Hip-Hop Tonight
    5. That's the Way it Goes (Ft. Cappo and Midnyte)
    6. Nothin' Compares
    7. Take it Back
    8. The Sleeper
    9. We Getz Down
    10. Blabba
    11. Extracts from the Battleground (Remix)
    12. The Game
    13. Holland Skit
    14. Jambusters (Ft. Midnyte)
    15. Operation Frisco
    16. Sections
    17. Always


    Mr Scruff - Mrs Cruff - 2005

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  • Mr.Scruff.COM

  • Discogs - Mr Scruff

  • Discogs - Mrs Cruff

  • Mr Scruffs got an absolute plethora of titles to his name, and some full to bursting type crates of remixes, so make sure you're fully schooled on a good deal of these. Predominantly through Ninja Tune but he's got joints out on labels like Grand Central, Cup Of Tea and Pleasure Records. Real tek Lektrnoic down tempo next level stuff. Great listening. make sure n check for likes of The Large Pies EP.

    Whats brand new, is the 'Mr Scruff Presents - Keep It Solid Steel Part 1'... Three times the LPs of good eating.

  • Which you can buy direct from Mr Scruff.COM here

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:Ninja Tune
    Catalog#:ZEN 112
    Format:3 x Vinyl, LP
    Released:09 May 2005

    A1 Sea Mammal (8:18)
    B1 Bass Baby (5:54)
    B2 Limbic Funk (5:28)
    C1 Chicken In A Box (8:24)
    D1 Jazz Potato (6:03)
    D2 Bonce (4:58)
    E1 Night Time (5:58)
    E2 After Time (2:30)
    F1 Crisps (6:25)

  • Download - ZShare

  • Full list of available stuff direct from Mr Scruff.COM

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    Mr Ti2bs - Keep it Moving

    Mr Ti2bs - Innercity Rap

    Mr Ti2bs - No Need to be Extra

    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Team Members

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    I want to take on more team members. I know things are reasonably fast anyways, but I want it faster. If you're interested and You've got a good time served knowledge of both UK and Global hip hop. Post a comment on this post with contact details and I'll scrub it once I've got the info.



    Friday, November 03, 2006

    Loki - The Littlest Hobo

    This is an exclusive nearly today. Although the tracks around 18 months since birth, the videos just been thrown on Youtube this afternoon. Just signed to Dropzone, Loki's someone you need to be investigating.

  • Dropzone Records

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    Foreign Beggars - Crypt Drawl EP - 2005

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  • Discogs - Foreign Beggars

  • Dented Records

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    I don't care where you're from, If you havn't woken your scruffy arse up to what Foreign Beggars are putting together, then what music is it that you're actually living? The collective consists of Dag Nabbit, DJ Nonames, Metropolis, Orifice Vulgatron and Shlomo. This EP was the forerunner to a massive tour to lauch the Bukkake Ski Trip LP. But with numerous efforts under their belts already, these characters are pushing all the correct buttons. Crypt Drawl EP is quite difficult to get hold of, so If you see this out on foot patrol, waste no time n hand over the readies. The star of this 12 is definately Crypt Drawl. It's just so fuckin nasty it goes places so dark that hip hop tracks don't often go this deep, really nasty rage filled raps here seriously. Don't fuck about this isn't for 14 year olds waiting for the new Justin Timperdink CD, or 3 wannabees rapping about Clio V6's in the garden shed.

    'Crypt Drawl' will be finding it's way to the MP3 player by tomorrow. Also check down the page for the blinding 'Frosted Perspex' video if you havn't already done so.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Catalogue Number:DNT007

    1 - Ode To Julie
    2 - Crypt Drawl (feat.Anik)
    3 - Beatflow Freakshow
    4 - On A Winters Day

  • Download - ZShare Link

  • Now I know that Dented Records are obviously out of stock currently with this, however they still have much delights you need to check fro from the following link. Theres also a link in the Sidebar if you wanna keep checking back for new units.
  • Dented Records Shop

  • 5 Quid From Catapult Records

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    Grimey Limeys - Popular

    Freestyle 85 At Covent Garden

    Villains - UK Sound

    Out of sync a little bit, but I don't think that matters.

    Lotek Hi Fi - Lotek Hi Fi Mini Album - 2003

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    Lotek Hi Fi consist of Aurelius Calliste, Wayne Bennett and Wayne Paul. The Lotek Hi Fi mini album isn't much like anything else you've heard before. It's like a melting pot of genres stirred together in the guise of some classic UK hip hop. You sense a few things in there when listening, maybe a bit of regae or a bit of ragga given a digital down tempo edge, and layered with some menacing vocal tones. Well worth having the black stuff. Heads need to be checking for tracks like 'Inner Storm' and 'Voodoo Boogaloo'.... And for the 'Mixed Blessings' mix CD, also out on Big Dada. Check the Lotek Hi Fi Discogs link for a full catalogue of releases.

  • Discogs - Lotek Hi Fi

  • Discogs - Lotek Hi Fi Mini Album

  • Label:Big Dada
    Format: Vinyl, LP

    01 Voodoo Boogaloo
    02 Lo-Fi Rocka
    03 Different Style
    04 Percolator
    05 Inner Storm
    06 Under My Bed
    07 Ah You Dat
    08 Hey Yeh Yeh
    09 See it Coming

  • Download from ZShare

  • Buy direct from Ninja Tune / Big Dada

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