Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure Project

It's very important that you are fully briefed in what The Disclosure Project is trying to do, so I'm dropping these videos as an overview, as well as links to the testimonials. You'll notice I've put a button above the MP3 player so that you can check out the Disclosure Project website at your leisure, but it's essential that firstly and most importantly you educate yourself, and secondly If you have the means, spread the word.

Please be patient with the first video, there's about a minute of blank screen at the beginning. It'll take about 45 mins to get through all the vids n I know thats alot to ask, but you need to know what they're doing.

  • Link to watch The Disclosure Project Testimonials - 2001

  • Link to watch The Disclosure Project Testimonials - 2006

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    Saturday, February 24, 2007

    Blade - Survival Of The Hardest Working - 1992

  • Blade Release Archive on Discogs

  • Blade 691.Com

  • Streaming Blade audio

  • Streaming Blade Remixes

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    Label:691 Influential
    Catalog#:BLADE 1205
    Format:Vinyl, LP
    Genre:Hip Hop

    A1 Gripper The Pitbull (3:49)
    A2 Forward (3:57)
    A3 Survival Of The Hardest Workin' (5:10)
    A4 Get In LIne (0:19)
    A5 Outro: Spread The Word (0:43)
    B1 Do You Believe In Love (0:53)
    B2 Lyrical Maniac (3:33)
    B3 We're Gettin' Stronger (Unmixed) (3:55)
    B4 As Salaamu (The Peace)...(Unmixed) (7:43)

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  • Buy Geurrilla Tactics direct from 691 Influential

  • 691 Influential

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    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    DustyCratesRadio - SKREIN

    Skrein and Wyt Fang live in the studio!

    Download FREE MP3 : Link (right hand click, and click save target as...)

    Saigon ft. The Game and B.G – Pain In My Life Remix
    Jazzy Jeff ft. CL Smooth – All I Know (BBE)
    Muneshine ft. Sean Price and Terminology – What Now
    Kidz In The Hall – Ritalin
    Marco Polo ft. Kardinal Offishall – War
    Fat Joe ft. Lil Wayne – The Prophet
    Prodigy – 7th Heaven
    Klashnekoff ft. Skriblah and Kyza – Sayonara
    Domingo ft. Terminology – Cold World
    Talib Kweli – More Or Less
    M9 ft. Skriblah – Cold
    Little Brother ft. Cormega – Back At It (Khrysis Remix)
    Joel Ortiz ft. Immortal Technique – Modern Day Slavery
    Skyzoo – Get It Done
    Wisemen ft. Killah Priest and Vast Aire – Iconoclasts
    Klashnekoff – Revolution Will Not Be Televised (On Channel U)
    Jazzy Jeff ft. Little Brother – Whatever You Want
    Kanye West, Nas, Rakim and KRS One – Classic (DJ Premier Remix)
    DJ Babu ft. Defari – Over Here
    Kidz In The Hall – Cruise Control
    Skriblah ft. Klashnekoff and Diam Ruff – Git Down Remix
    Camron – Cuuuurtis
    Prodigy – Stuck To You
    Dj IQ, Skrein, Graziella – Weary Traveller
    Skrein and Plan B – Tick Tock
    Sean Price – King Kong
    Skrein Exclusive
    Skrein ft. Foreign Beggars –
    Skrein LIVE


    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Filastine - Burn It - 2006

  • Discogs - Filastine

  • I'll no doubt be listening to this for the remainder of the day. Different. Outta Spain, some lovely beat craftsmanship within.... Check for tracks like Judas Goat it's classic.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:Soot Records
    Catalog#:SOOT 008
    Style:Illbient, Broken Beat

    1. Hello, My Name Is...
    2. Quémalo Ya (feat. Ras Mario & Timedo Flow)
    3. Palmares (feat. Dorothy Lemoult)
    4. Splinter Faction Delight (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenny vs. L3arbee & L Na)
    5. Judas Goat
    6. Lucre
    7. Last Redoubt (feat. Randee Akosta)
    8. Crescent Occupation
    9. Autology (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenny)
    10. This Is A Fight
    11. Boca de Ouro (feat. MC Subzero Permafrost)
    12. Get on That Bullhorn & Leave the Fucking Country
    13. Dance of the Garbageman
    14. Ja Helo (feat. Ronica Sanyal, Valerie Holt, Sari Breznau)
    15. 2nd Class Sleeper
    16. Dreams From Wounded Mouth (remix of Degenerate Art Ensemble)

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    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    Rae & Christian - Sleepwalking - 2000

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  • Wikipedia - Grand Central Records

  • Discogs - Rae & Christian

  • Discogs - Fat City

  • Discogs - First Priority

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    Label:Studio !K7
    Format:2 x Vinyl, LP
    Genre:Electronic, Hip Hop

    A1 Blazing The Crop
    A2 Hold Us Down,Featuring - Congos, The
    A3 Get A Life,Featuring - Bobby Womack
    B1 Ready To Roll
    B2 It Ain't Nothing Like,Featuring - Pharcyde, The
    C1 Vai Viver A Vida,Featuring - Tania Maria
    C2 Let It Go, Featuring - Pharcyde, The
    C3 Salvation
    D1 Not Just Anybody,Featuring - Kate Rogers
    D2 Trailing In The Wake
    D3 Wake Up Everybody,Featuring - Bobby Womack

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    Sunday, February 18, 2007

    Dr Knox - iEgo

    I'll bring you a taster soon.

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  • Rough Records

  • ARTIST/BAND: Dr Knox
    BASED IN: Meanwood
    BAND MEMBERS: Malaki - Vocals, Wisdomtooth - Production

    We both went to primary school together and for that whole time were the best of friends. When Malaki was 13 years old he moved with his mother and sisters to Seattle in the US. We ended up losing contact and for many years grew up in very different environments. The main thing we had in common for all this time was indifference to the schooling system. Whilst we were both intelligent young people we felt excluded from our surroundings. I myself got expelled from my high school for smoking cannabis at 13 and moved to another high school where I knew no one. Nether of us achieved academic success and found ourselves wondering where our lives where going. Malaki moved back to Leeds a couple of years back. We soon hooked up and ever since have been working towards our album.

  • on

  • Taken from the BBC Leeds Website.

    Released earlier this year, is some absolute dopeness from straight out the heart of Leeds. Incredible value at £6, It will be a very very shrude movement to be getting your hands on this.

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  • Buy Direct From Rough - £6 and a quid postage

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    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    Brothers Like Outlaw / Outlaw Posse

    This was my first post over at J.U.S. Music, I bought this album in 1997 & thought the EmCee was an american, who sounded like an Englishman tryin to sound american....& I only found out recently from someone in my C-Box that these boys are a duo from England who previously recorded under the name Outlaw Posse...of course I knew they were English but feel like an absoloute twat that I didn't realise these guys were the same people.......

    Anyway The 1992 edtion is a Great Album, A Firm Favourite of mine.

    Outlaw Posse were a British hip hop group formed by Bello B (real name Isaac Bello) and K-Gee (real name Karl Gordon). They Split back in 92'.

    K-Gee Info - You May Recognize Him....

    Outlaws On Wikipedia

    To Buy the Albums try

    Outlaw Posse (1990) My Afros On Fire

    Outlaw Posse (1990) My Afros On Fire

    Much credit to CyberFox for the upload, well played brother.

    Buy This Album Here

    Brothers Like Outlaw (1992) The Oneness Of II Minds In Unison

    Buy This Album Here

    And Here

    Brothers Like Outlaw (92) The Oneness of II Minds In Unison


    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Blak Twang - 19 Long Time - 1998

  • Blak Twang - Wikipedia

  • Blak Twang.NET

  • Discogs - Blak Twang

  • Blakjam Records

  • As requested 19 Long Time. Nice LP out the past thats been through this system thousands of times. Check for tracks like 'Backstreet Survivor Remix' my personal fave for a lot of years, then I kind of tired of it and found a stronger love for 'Red Ltters' which is classic. Also tracks like 'Shoosh', 'Jam Packed' and 'Oh My Gosh'...... Just looked online n it seems it's bloody hard to come by I thought it'd be a bit more widespread. I think the CD version probably shifted alot more units so thats probably easiest to find, and I see through the Froogle link I provide at the bottom, the Red Letters CD single is avilable for 3 quid. Jingle jangle jingle jangle, As it appens.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Catalog#:BJAM 8803
    Format:2 x Vinyl, LP

    A1 Intro
    A2 19 Long Time, Co-producer - Tony Rotton
    A3 The Arsenal
    B1 Entrepreneur, Producer - Lucas (2)
    B2 Fearless Co-producer - Tony Rotton
    B3 Funny Bastard
    B4 Jam Packed (Bashment Mode)Producer - Roger Benou
    B5 Shhhoosh, Rap [Featuring] - Roots Manuva
    B6 Mugsy
    C1 Don't Test
    C2 Red Letters
    C3 Oh My Gosh
    C4 Cigarettes & Rizla
    C5 (Live From Da) Big Smoke
    D1 Perfect Love Song, Rap [Featuring] - Raffa-L
    D2 Rough Nights
    D3 Backstreet Survivor
    D4 Growing Up Memories, Producer - V.R.S.
    D5 Platinum

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  • Results for buying online through Froogle

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    Monday, February 12, 2007

    Sway Dasafo

    Jumpin straight in to some great produciton from Caramac....We've got a track called Simple 'n Plain (ft. the Now Sway the then Sway Dasafo)...Don't Think I need to mention were I found this gem...You mus know by now.
    It pleasantly spilled through my speakers a couple of years ago.....I found out about Sway....shortly after his 1st release On My Own....which will come soon...but in the meantime Tuck into some Sweet-Soul-Caramac


    This little Package Contains His tune produced by Caramac - "Simple 'n Plain" & the B-Side to his vinyl release Why....The Tracks Called "On My Own"

    Sway Dasafo - Mini Collat


    Notts Finest - OutDaVille

    Again Shortee Blitz & Big Ted are to thank for my interest in these guys......another post hailing from Nottingham....

    I had so much of their fact I had so much Home-grown product....IN FACT I had so much Hip-Hop until I got fed up with my configuration of windows I decided to re-install everythin, I cleverly backed everythin up on my other drive, but then my XP Cd didn't work so I thought I'd try Win98 not realising that just puttin the cd in the drive basically automatically formats the drive....I hate to bog you down with this in depth coverage of sumthin so boring but I lost just under 30gb of Hip-Hop & 50gb worth of music, what a swift kick in the damn nuts.....seriously....anyways amongst the unfortunate episode I lost an awful lot of the mentioned crew "Outdaville"....& on top of that allot of Scor-Zay-Zee's tracks which to be honest I haven't gotta clue where I got them from....more importantly for you (as I ain't writing this for me-self) OutDaVille are.........

    ......A crew with many members (deep breath) right....we've got Scor-Zay-Zee, Lee Ramsay, Mizz Red, Sophie Johnson Hill, Karizma, Tempa, Fedel Castro, DJ Fever, Nick Stez, Instinct & C-Mone....oh & of course Big Trev (Trevor Rose) the man who owns the label now the guys mentioned are just the members of the crew on the EP' let alone everyone/or anyone else they may have oh & Shortee Blitz
    Again I heard of these guys through the airwaves of "Chubbykids" Show & The Interview is avaliavle as well for you. (for those not in the know or haven't caught onto my constant mentioning of 'Shortee Blitz-N-Big Ted' their show is on Wednesday nights 9pm - 11pm Kiss 100) The battle rhymes & crips flow left me as curious as ever about the mystery crew who I was yet to endure or enjoy.

    Anyway you wanna find out more check the links below....also try goggling' them Another- thing if anyone knows of the crew or knows any of the members find out what’s happened to Scor-Zay-Zee cause I've heard he's given up rhyming which is like losing another 50gb's of Music....I heard he's turned into a deep thinking Muslim who takes his Islamic values very seriously & has just put the mic down.....?.......?......?


    Out Da Ville is an independent label from St. Anns, Nottingham, which lias been in existence for six years now. Before the crew was formally known as Out Da Ville it was just a group hanging out at Trevor Rose''s Community Recording studio. The core was just three: MC Lee Ramsay, and producers Nick Dimes and Big Trev. Backin 1993 Lee Ramsay was just 13 when they started on the first 12'' ''Dedicated'', although it did not surface until around 1995 when a label ''Real Deal'' was set up by the group to put the stuff out. Things then took off from there. Other people like Scor Zay Zee were also members of the Community Recording studio and built up their skills and styles through listening to beats, rhyming andfreestyling under the guidance of Trev. The next release was also from Lee Ramsay called ''R.D. Style'' (1996)(R.D. - a shortened version of the label name - Real Deal) and this time featured Tempa, Scor Zay Zee andFidel Castro. In late 1997 the crew put out another 12'' ''Out Of Da Ville'' which again featured Lee Ramsay,Scor Zay Zee, Karizma, Instinct and Becky. It was after this 12, around early 1998 that this group turned in toOut Da Ville as we know them today. Although the label was initially called Real Deal records, with just theproduction team being called Out Da Ville, people were mistakenly calling the label Out Da Ville records, soBig Trev decided for the sake of simplicity to call the label Out Da Ville too. In 1988 another 12'' followed, awhite label with Tempa, Lee Ramsay and Scor Zay Zee.

    Following this succession of 12s came the EP which signaled a stepping up in their game and a distinct changing of their style. The record was 1999s ''An Da Vilie Gos On'' which featured six stunning tracks and the vocals of Lee Ramsay, Tempa, ScorZay Zee, Karizma and C-Mone. There has been a lot said about the apparent sudden change of Lee''s rapping style from an American accent on his previous releases to a broad Notts accent on his newer work.
    He attributes this to having grown up and developed as an artist, giving him the confidence to be himself and to try and push the boundaries further. He is also proud to be the first Notts MC to pioneerthis style and believes now that this attitude is the way forward. For me this is a vast improvement and givesLee the foundation to really accomplish something that is both quality and original.Big Trev has just this year moved the studio into new premises. It''s a one floor, two room building with oneroom for the main studio equipment and a larger room with another studio set up. The studios are bothavailable 241-irs and are run by Big Trev himself. The new studio still retains the Community recording studiolabel and never closes running 7days a week. Big Trev has always tried to do a lot of community work in andaround Nottingham and has put his studio and engineering knowledge and experience to use working withthe unemployed, disadvantaged, kids excluded from schools, youth groups and autistic groups as well as thesocial services by helping to set up college courses and workshops in Sound Engineering, courses for youngwomen.

    Additional to this there is also an information center detailing music contacts and the record features Tempa, Simone, Karizma and Scor Zay Zee.Following this release there is an Out Da Ville compilation album planned, featuring all the artists mentioned, plus five solo tracks from Lee Ramsay. After that it will be straight into preparations for Lee''s solo album, which will also have an accompanying solo video. Additional to all this there will also be a 12'' in between


    Karizma MySpace


    An Interview With Scors


    DJ Fever

    OutDaVille Live on The Chubbykids Show

    Outdaville (2002) Notts Propert EP



    KC Da Rookee - All Time Greats (ft. Sean P)

    Here's a 12" promo I picked up again from the Chubbykids Show....Hard, Hard 12" to find....pretty good...The Beats are bangin' & the track ft. The Legendary Sean Price is a serious hed-nodda.....Grab it while you can.

    KC aka Kirk Douglas is a british MC hailing from Nottingham but resiides and releases out in Germany.....for more info check out the links below

    KC Da Rookee - Showdown Promo

    The 1st track Bless is also...good real chilled out great production here. Included amongst the collection are the instrumentals as well.

    info & purchases available at the following



    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Ghost - Basic Instinct 12" - 2006

  • Discogs - Ghost

  • Breakin Bread.ORG

  • From the LP 'Seldom Seen Often Heard' which I've got, but sometimes there's just not enough time in life to annalyse things fully so I can't give an indepth personal review. Takes me months / years sometimes. But I can tell you it's worth having on your shelves. All links to details are provided as per.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:Breakin' Bread (UK)
    Catalog#:BNB 027
    Format:Vinyl, 12"
    Released:20 Nov 2006

    1 - Basic Instinct (Album Version)
    2 - Basic Instinct (Natural Self Remix)
    3 - Basic Instinct (Album Instrumentall)
    4 - Basic Instinct (Ghost Remix)
    5 - Roundtrip
    6 - Basic Instinct (Ghost Remix Instrumental)

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  • Buy The Basic Instinct 12" Direct from Brakin Bread for 5 Quid

  • Buy The LP 'Seldom Seen Often Heard' direct from Breakin Bread for 10 Quid

  • Breakin Bread catalogue

  • Ghost wax on Suspect

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    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    De La Soul - Breakadawn EP - 1993

    Uploaded this along time ago n it was really popular, hundreds of downloads, n I've been thinking about upping again for a while so here you are.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:Tommy Boy Music
    Catalog#:TB 586
    Format:Vinyl, 12"

    01 - Breakadawn - Vocal Version
    02 - Stickabush
    03 - En Focus - Vocal version
    04 - The Dawn Brings Smoke - Instrumental
    05 - Hsubakcits
    06 - Breakadawn - Instrumental

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    Blak Twang - Dettwork South-East - 1996

  • Blak Twang - Wikipedia

  • Blak Twang.NET

  • Discogs - Blak Twang

  • Marked on the Blak Twang website as unreleased, this is like gold dust, If you see it in any format (Probably cassette), hand the readies straight over. I've got '19 Long Time', but not this I must admit... But I'm sure it'll be out there somewhere....Dettwork SouthEast (the track) being the absolute banger.


    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:Sound Of Money , Anti Static Recordings
    Catalog#:none, none

    A1 Stand Clear Of The Doors (Intro)
    A2 Dettwork South East (Lucas' Newsroom Mix-Vocal)Co-producer - V.R.S.
    A3 Fearless (Original Version)
    A4 Heads And Tales
    A5 Tai Boxing
    A6 Creme De La Crop
    A7 Don't Let Them Fool You, Scratches - DJ Rumple
    A8 Queen's Head, Featuring - Roots Manuva
    B1 B.S. Survivah (Original Version)
    B2 Paralytic Monkey, Featuring - Fallacy
    B3 Real Estate, Producer - DJ Rumple
    B4 Growing Up
    B5 Echo Chamber, Featuring - Roots Manuva , Seanie T.
    B6 Entrepreneurs (Original Version)
    B7 Rhyming's Forever

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    Mr Complex - The Complex Catalogue - 2000

  • Discogs - Mr Complex

  • Discogs - Polyrhythm Addicts

  • Classic album. If you don't know don't sleep.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:Core Records
    Catalog#:CSR 9988
    Format:2 x Vinyl, LP

    1. Intro -
    2. The Eminent Audio Show -
    3. Against The Grain
    4. Feel Me
    5. Break Skit
    6. I'm Rhymin'
    7. Break Skit
    8. Relax
    9. Visualize
    10. Why Don't Cha
    11. Don't You Agree?
    12. Break Skit -
    13. Take You Away
    14. I'ma Kill It
    15. Big Fronter
    16. I Think I Wanna Sing
    17. Divine Intervention
    18. Visualize Remix
    19. Break Skit -
    20. Stabbin' You
    21. Stabbin' You Remix - 2000
    22. C.O.R.E. Mix

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    Mhz - Table Scraps - 2001

  • Discogs - Mhz

  • Pretty fuckin brilliant from start to finish. Enjoy.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label : Weathermen
    Production : RJD2, Copywrite.
    Année : 2001

    01. 97 Intro
    02. Rocket Science
    03. Kryptonite
    04. Couldn't Find Another
    05. Magnetics
    06. The Funnel
    07. Abosotively Posolutely
    08. This Year
    09. The Chosen
    10. Combustion Spontaneous
    11. World Premier
    12. Creatively Wise
    13. Widespread
    14. Holier Than Thou
    15. Rain
    16. Counseling

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    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    Fleapit - Music From The Ditch - 2002

    Grab it here

    Buy From

    They recorded & released this album under the record label Same Family Different Ballbag..../, Secondson the producer the album & has produced albums with Lewis Parker, Sway & The Taskforce & others check out the site.

    Fleapit (2002) Music From The Ditch


    Execution Squodd - Sold In The Streets

    The Execution Squodd - Sold In The Streets

    I stumbled across the track When we come thru.....which was hosted in some awful garage mix...& to be 100% honest the track isn't really to my flavour...but for some reason probably boredom I decided to check them out & heard the track road ethics, which I think is a pretty solid effort from the crew.

    at the time i liked the track so much decided to grab the EP' Sold in the streets which i grabbed from Mr. Suspect Packages.

    Anyways you can grab the EP' from Super Bad

    Execution Squodd - Road Ethics

    for more info check out the interviews below

    Interview With the Crew

    Interview With Fusion & Tee Max whom produce tracks for the Squodd

    Have a Listen here....



    Friday, February 02, 2007

    Awekid & DJ Muzzell - DONKEY WORK

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Just come out. Really nice!

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • Everything you need to know. £8.49 and they've got a buy 2 for 15 quid, get a free Awekid mixtape in the bargain deal going for a ltd time only

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    Thursday, February 01, 2007

    Paul Nice - Journey To The Centre Of The Beats - 2004

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • Discogs - Paul Nice

  • Super break Records

  • Doesn't get much more tasty than the tricks outta Paul Nices' bags in my opinion. This contains the brilliant Biz Mark track thats been in the MP3 player for the past couple of days. It's also got the Drunken Mantis beat getting used, one of my favourite Paul Nice beats ever (That may well still be in the MP3 player if you sift towards the bottom). There's a Shook Ones Pt II Remix that shits all over the original serious, I only wish he didn't change the beat up half way through. Also on production for 'Time Waits For No Man' out on Stones Throw amongst many other things. Probably wanna be going for 'Dj Wisdom And Paul Nice - Beef Patty Breaks Vol. 1' aswell out on Super Break Records for a dose of weaponry n healthy beat making. And also the '5 Fingers Of Death Battle Breaks' volumes are worth having ownership of. Very sleapt on as an artist and very good hip hop...... And if you can track it down, you've got to check for his 'Breaks for Days' mixtape.

    You can buy DJ Wisdom And Paul Nice - Beef Patty Breaks Vol. 1 here :

  • 10 Quid 2xLP - CD Zone

  • Out in 2005 was 'Do you pick your feet in Poughkeepsie?' (yeah the catchphrase Popeye uses in French Connection).. It's 41 gangster movie soundtrack tunes in the mix ... feat. Lalo Schifrin, Donald Byrd, Dave Gruisin ... Bound to be worth owning.


    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Format:CD, Mixed

    1 Intro (1:47)
    2 El Gant - Freestyle (Exclusive)
    3 Lord Finesse vs. Percy P* - The Rematch
    4 Masta Ace - Freestyle (Exclusive)
    5 Talib Kweli - Jane Doe & Black Thought - Bullshit (Paul Nice Remix)
    6 Real Live Show - Up In Our Spot (Paul Nice Remix)
    7 Clipse - When The Last Time
    8 J-Live / Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Satisfied / The Message
    9 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message (Paul Nice's Super Duty Bootleg Mash Up)
    10 Paul Nice - Sugarhill Megamix (Exclusive)
    11 Biz Markie - Turn The Party Out
    12 William DeVaughn / Clipse - Be Thankful For What You Got / Grindin' Instrumental (Mash Up)
    13 DeBarge / Jeru The Damaja All This Love / Come Clean Instrumental (Mash Up)
    14 Jhelisa - Friendly Pressure (Exclusive Paul Nice Remix) (4:54)Remix - Paul Nice
    15 Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. 2
    16 Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.
    17 Raekwon - Ice Cream
    18 Paul Nice - Everyday

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  • Buy all over the place online

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    Philly Whizz - Mams Yer Da

    PHILLY WHIZZ & DJ RASP - Up The Wizards Sleeve

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • £10 From Juno Records - CD Only

  • It's the only place selling it. I'd personally snap this up like a shot but I've got no cash at the minute. It's on my list though.