Monday, October 30, 2006

Ghost Ft Verb T & Asaviour - Exactly

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Optimas Prime & Dead Residents - Fresh Fresh Again

Blaktrix & Junior Disprol - Night & Day

Dynamic Syncopation / DSP - In The Red - 2002

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  • Discogs - Dynamic Syncopation - In The Red

  • Discogs - Dynamic Syncopation

  • Ninja Tune - Dynamic Syncopation

  • Back again with Dynamic Syncopation, who are now DSP. With more head benders. Production first rate as always. Phi Life Cypher verses are crazy.

    IN THE RED combines the lyrical skills of UK and US emcees going toe to toe with DSP’s heavyweight beats. Favourites from the last LP MASS INFLUENCE & JUICE ALEEM are back in action, along with old school legend CHILL ROB G the Original (I got the Power). Added to the mix are rising stars like APATHY, DEF TEX & PHI-LIFE CYPHER

    Label:Ninja Tune
    Catalog#:ZEN 69
    Released:Jun 2002

    1 - Intro - 01:04
    2 - Systematic - 03:48
    3 - Where Is it - 03:46
    4 - Outtaplace - 03:52
    5 - Trife-A-Saurus Rex - 03:46
    6 - My Verse 1st - 04:06
    7 - Bullshit - 03:33
    8 - The Living I - 03:39
    9 - Skit A - 00:45
    10 - Imagine That - 03:36
    11 - 2 Tha Left - 03:22
    12 - Way Past Noon - 03:39
    13 - Skit B - 00:26
    14 - No Regrets - 04:07

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    Saturday, October 28, 2006

    Reachout - Fly Baby

    Aspects - Off The Lip

    Dynamic Syncopation - Dynamism - 1999

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  • Discogs - Dynamic Syncopation

  • Ninja Tune - Dynamic Syncopation

  • Dynamic Syncopation are Jonny Cuba & the Loop Professor. This is the follow up to their debut album 'Jiznoint'. The album features nuff special guests including New York's Yeshua Da PoED, owner of Head Bop Music and the UK's Juice Aleem. Seriously one of the dopest shits in years this is packed with top of the line hip hop. I believe they've dropped another album since which i don't own yet (criminal i know, cash man cash) but I'm gonna dig for thats. 105 Meg of hair raising cruise juice, this vinyl is a total must. Released on Ninja Tune. This rar file also has 'Live at Tilos - Part I.' inside.

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    Label:Ninja Tune
    Catalog#:ZENCD 043
    Released:Oct 1999
    Credits:Producer - Dynamic Syncopation
    Notes:All tracks recorded & produced by Dynamic Syncopation except "Veteran's Leg" with Toby Howell and "Swings And Roundabouts" with Burak Agca. All tracks mixed & mastered by 'No Sleep' Nigel at the Politbureau except "Intro" mixed at Traintrax studios. Cut by Martin Giles at CTS studios.

    1 - Dedicated
    2 - Bahian B-Boy
    3 - Dynamism
    4 - Intro
    5 - Ground Zero
    6 - Veteran's Leg
    7 - Dynamism
    8 - The Essence
    9 - Rock
    10 - Homing In
    11 - Swings & Roundabouts
    12 - Its A Monster
    13 - Losing Your Soul

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  • Buying various Dynamic Syncopation releases

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    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    More Fire Crew - Oi

    Real Cribs With Lethal Bizzle Records

    Sunday, October 22, 2006

    Spin Science Podcasts

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    Heads up today about the podcasts over at Spin Science. All the usual heavyweights gathered together for free updates of skills on the ones and twos as and when they get the notion to put them up. You need to be aware of these. Of course spin science is linked in the sidebar so you don't need to worry about bookmarks, just give the place glances when you can cos it's filled with nutrients.

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  • Direct link to podcast archive

  • Spin Science

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    Skitz - Countryman - 2001

    London based Hip Hop producer/DJ. Hosts 'Original Fever' with Rodney P on the BBCs digital radio station 1xtra.

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  • Discogs - Skitz Wax

  • Other Ronin releases

  • More Skitz wax from Suspect Packages

  • Ronin Records Website (Under construction)

  • Production on this LP is bloody first rate. It's like a luchbox packed with bangers. So much so that edible goodness is spilling over the sides, next to the next mans Pepperami, packet of Skips and a banana. Hard to find wax probably cos they've been snapped up and chewed on by anyone who knows the deal. In particular check for tracks like 'Dedication'- Rodney P absolutely tears foot wide gashes out Skitz brilliant melody. When that dropped it was getting a massive amount of plays. Also tracks like 'Are You On It' and 'Vocal Workout'. It's got all the big boys (and girls) on it this and it's definately not to be sleapt on if you don't know. Or MP3d if you're lucky enough to cherish the black stuff.

    'Dedication' is in the MP3 player, scope thats.

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    Label:Ronin Records
    Format: 2xLP
    Credits:Co-producer - Mad Money Wah
    Notes:All tracks conceived & produced by Skitz. All tracks co-produced, mixed, tweeked and engineered by Mad Money Wah @ Precinct 23.

    1 Intro Featuring - Solomon , Wiggy
    2 Domestic Science Featuring - Estelle , Tempa , Wildflower Scratches - Harry Love
    3 The Killing Featuring - Rodney P , Supanatchlus
    4 Inner City Folk Featuring - Roots Manuva , Valerie Etienn Scratches - Deckwrecka
    5 Vocal Workout Featuring - Riddla
    6 Cordless Mics At 20 Paces Featuring - Phi-Life Cypher
    Scratches - DJ MK
    7 Are You On It? Featuring - Covert , Melissa Scratches - DJ MK
    8 Double Reds Featuring - Dynamite MC Scratches - Skitz
    9 The Junkyard Featuring - Task Force (2)
    10 Dedication Featuring - Deckwrecka , Rodney P
    11 Where My Mind Is At Featuring - Deckwrecka , Roots Manuva
    12 Let Me Down Easy Featuring - Retna
    13 Trying To Make A Living
    14 We Make Them Make Noise Featuring - Dynamite MC , MC GQ
    15 Fingerprints Of The Gods Featuring - Life (2) , Roots Manuva , Si-Phillie , Skeleton Scratches - Tony Vegas
    16 Twilight Of The Gods Featuring - Riddla , Rodney P , Skinnyman , Wildflower Scratches - Prime Cuts
    17 Countryman Skit

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  • You'll have to hunt it out yourself it's quite hard to find.


    Skinnyman - Council Estate Of Mind - 2004

    Foreign Beggars - Frosted Perspeks

    Bare Smoke - VMC Promo - 2006

    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    Doc Brown - The Document - 2005

    If you haven't spotted the mad props Doc's debut album got in the press then you mad cunts need to wake up.

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    MC from Kilburn, North West London. Host of many hiphop events, such as the famous open mic nights at Deal Real. His older sister is author Zadie Smith and his younger brother is MC Luc Skyz.

  • Doc Brown - Official website

  • Janomi.Co.UK

  • Discogs archive

  • Label:Janomi
    Catalog#:JR 014 CD PROMO
    Credits:Mixed By - Alan Mawdsley (tracks: 1-4, 7-14)
    Producer - DJ Snips (tracks: 1, 10, 11, 14) , Makani (tracks: 2, 12, 13)
    Notes:For promotional use only.

    Survival (the music game)
    Family Ties ft Luc Skyz & Antoine Stone
    Stomp (oh my days)
    Feel Me
    Do It
    Never Coming Down
    Love Letters
    Love Me The Right way
    What We Came 4
    Your Move
    Came This Far

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    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    Solid Steel - Promo Show 08


    Braintax - Panorama Tour

    Nottingham heads..Just be aware...

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    Braintax - 'Panorama' UK Tour - 20th Oct 2006
    Venue - Camouflage
    City - Nottingham
    Price - ....

  • Low Life

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    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Big Dada / Ninja Tune Podcasts

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    Just be aware that Big Dada started a monthly podcast on the 12th of this month.

    "Monthly podcast from British music label Big Dada, whose roster includes Roots Manuva, Wiley, Ty, Diplo, Spank Rock, Infinite Livez, New Flesh and many more.Expect madcap antics from the colourful characters associated with the label, lots of exclusive music and insights into what the artists think about, well, everything!"

    So now theres three monthly podcasts from Ninja Tune. Cold Cut, Big Dada and Solid Steel. All of which are available to either download or subscribe to from the following link. Be aware.

  • Podcasts from

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    Braintax - Run The Yards / Last Tenner - 2006

    New album from one of the busiest guys up here. So this'll be a nice sneak at whats on the way. If you havn't got Biro Funk you must be crazy :

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  • Read about Biro Funk here

  • Buy Biro Funk here

  • As the label approaches its 50th release with artists such as Skinnyman, Jehst, Taxforce, Verb T & Harry Love and Mystro on the books, you can see why it’s taking Braintax (aka Joe Christie) so long to get out a follow-up album to Biro Funk.

    On the strength on the new 12”, it should be worth the wait as these are a couple of tracks that show off British rap at its best. Could ‘Last Tenner’ translate across the pond? The beats could without a doubt. “Lets go and get drunk” is a rally cry but not for any lager lout mosh pit fight club performance. The warning is at the start “The world has so many problems..We have lost so many young men”. But what can you do at 2.30am in a northern city with £10 in your pocket walking home? Braintax’s cry for peace is subtle, “Stop trying to act hard as it’s hip hop’s curse”.

    And then many things curse hip hop and he should know. ‘Run The Yards’ shows off his opionated flow slagging off major labels; it’s an easy hit. Stay angry and humble. If you don’t like Braintax’s chant cum poetry message, the instrumentals are excellent.

    ‘Last Tenner’ is bump bump funky while ‘Run The Yards’ is like some Kung Fu movie intro with Hank Marvin’s twangy guitar (hey! Twangy guitar brings together Braintax, Aim and Trost, BAT, the most unlikely trio supergroup ever!).

    This is well up to the standard of ‘Let’s Go Away’, which he did with Emmanuel and the forthcoming album Panorama is likely to be more of the same quality beats and original lyrics. To support the album, there’s a tour with fellow Low Life MC and long time mate, Mystro plus DJ Kam and Nighmares On Wax drummer Isaac Heywood. Remember to take a spare tenner to get home with.

    UK Tour [October]:
    20th Camouflage — The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
    21st Fiddlers — Bristol
    24th The Tuesday Club — Sheffield
    27th The Charlotte — Leicester

    1st Roadhouse — Manchester
    3rd New Bohemia — Faversham, Leeds
    4th Warwick University — Coventry
    11th The Opera House — Bournemouth
    25th Student Union — Brookes, Oxford

  • Discogs - Braintax

  • Discogs - Mud Fam

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    Label:Low Life Records
    Catalog#:LOW 45
    Credits:Producer - Beat Butcha (tracks: A1 to A3) , Braintax (tracks: B1 to B3)
    Notes:White label promo copy.

    A1. Run The Yards (Dirty)
    A2. Run The Yards (Clean)
    A3. Run The Yards (Instrumental)
    B1. Last Tenner (Dirty)
    B2. Last Tenner (Clean)
    B3. Last Tenner (Instrumental)

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    Ty - The Nonsense

    Oh You Want More :

    Ty - Upwards - 2003

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  • Discogs - Ty Wax

  • Big Dada Sound

  • Ty Music.ORG

  • Very few British emcees have managed to achieve the full recognition they deserve in hip hop. This is specifically the case with veteran rapper Ty. One of London's favourable emcees, Ty has always stood apart from his peers, going his own way rather than running with the pack.

    After dropping his debut album, the aptly entitled Awkward in 2001, the woolly hat- wearing emcee is back with the follow up: Upwards. Having produced the album, along side Drew from Physic Phenomena, this time he's ensured his signature is firmly stamped all over it. With an eclectic ensemble of over twenty musicians contributing to the album, (including afro beat drummer Tony Allen and vocalists Michelle Escoffrey, and Breis), there is a distinct live "jamming session" vibe present.

    Kicking off with "Ha Ha" a gritty hip-hop b-line with a rock influence this definitely serves as a fitting opener. The catchy retro sound of "Wait a Minute" has Ty attempting to address those all too familiar relationship issues. He also goes on to the serious matter of gun crime with "Rain", a melancholic track laced with smooth soulful vocals. "Groovement" is the first single release - a summery feel good track, with instant appeal that entices you from the first play, youll find it difficult to resist tapping a toe. Other noticeable tracks include "The Willing" and "Music 2 Fly To" in which Ty continues to enlighten us with his personal and reflective observations of everyday life.

    In the current climate of UK rudebwoys spitting gritty tales of street survival, Upwards is doing something a little different. Embarking on a journey that is reminiscent of the true essence of hip hop, by using a hybrid of diverse musical flavours incorporating, hypnotic African rhymic beats, smoothed out jazz, old school funk, not forgetting a touch of soul.

    This rapping "Awkward Boy" is totally uncompromising in setting his own precedents. He's elevating himself upwards and inviting us to come with him. So just sit back, listen and enjoy the ride!

    Reviewer: Buki Bakare

  • Taken from here....

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    Ty tells tales of universal truth without once flashing his bling or bashing the dictionary, and the jazzy beats which seem deceptively simple if funky enough on first hearing soon reveal new depths. Instantly accessible, endlessly rewarding and absolutely essential. Check particularly for tracks like Dreams Which I've put in the MP3 Player)... More of a work of art than just Hip Hop the voices tell me.

    Again. If you havn't got this wax, your crates have got big problems.

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    Label:Big Dada

    01 Ha Ha
    02 Mpoh's Lament (Skit)
    03 Wait a Minute
    04 I Want 2
    05 Awkward Boy Skit
    06 Oh U Want More?
    07 Rain
    08 The Willing
    09 Look 4 Me
    10 Groovement (Part 1)
    11 Expectations
    12 Taking It Back
    13 Hot Spice
    14 Dreams
    15 Inner Love (Samba)
    16 Music 2 Fly 2

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  • Upwards Reissue with 4 bonus tracks

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    Mind Bomb / Rufmouth - Great British Beef - 1999

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    One of my heroes today. Definately the soundtrack to growing up here. If anyones known me over the years they'll recognise any of these albums cos they just keep being turned over time and time again. I'm gonna drop Great British Beef today as I've got the CD as well here, so you can get a 320 rip on this. But really you need to be checking for the entire Ruf Beats archive. Never let you down weather it be never seen before weapons, brilliantly produced hard beats and British to the core vocals. Get on the mailing list and get some value for money.

    Since 1993 he has performed as all names all over the world and is known as an underground leg – end, whether as a Dj, live show or his anything goes mixed up marathon displays of all round musical / hip hop school. Now becoming known as an entertainer and educator with his inspired writings on ALL THINGS FORBIDDEN – 9/11, the New World Audeuf, Masonic matters, Xopolitics and the game for control of mankinds’ brains and souls, he is currently Dj’ing, performing, reading poems, writing books, making music, travelling the world and in short, trying to get the truth to you lovely people in as least a painful method as possible. Rufmouth loves life, humanity, music, art, soul, (most) people but always felt he never really belonged until Revelations made him ascend his various typical British neurosis in 2001-2004.

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    Ruf Beats is both Rufmouths’ properly independent record label, that licenses and sells its track worldwide and the world reknown mail order record supplier of rare and dope DJ vinyl. Currently in 2004 these have been all put under the Rufmouth website, whilst Rufmouth tries to bring all his activities back to the core essence of himself, as Rufmouth, with NEW RULES that will show the world a new way of doing things through humanity and love, whilst trying to spread out party vibes and good times for the oppressed masses.

  • Taken from here....

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  • Discogs - Mind Bomb

  • Discogs - The Mighty Mind Bomb

  • Discogs - The Ruf Label

  • Discogs - Rufmouth.Co.UK

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:The Ruf Label
    Catalog#:ruf 023CD
    Format: CD
    Genre:Hip Hop
    Credits:Producer - Ruf, The

    1 Ruf Beats (5:28) - Human Beatbox - Nick Reece
    2 Twisted Therapy (4:44) - Vocals - Marie
    3 Great British Beef (4:54)
    4 Drip Feed Me Hip Hop (5:55)
    5 The Relationship (5:49)
    6 Free Weed (5:15) - Vocals - Marie
    7 Seducer (5:29) - Human Beatbox - Nick Reece
    8 In The Beginning (Instrumental) (2:44)
    9 Deconstruction Of Falling Stars (4:33)
    10 Hardcore Sun Storm (Instrumental) (3:30)
    11 Work Like A Slave 2 Become A Master! (5:31)
    12 Produce The Friction (4:51)
    13 Just Wanna F#$k (5:37)
    14 Wonderful World Of Alcohol (3:42)
    15 Twisted Therapy (Version 2) (5:39)

  • Download - 152 Mb Megaupload link

  • Mailing List at Rufmouth

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    George Gallaway Speaks On Lebanon

    If you enjoyed that, I've also posted George Gallaways hearing at the US Senate.

    Cameo - Knights Of The Sound Table - 1981

  • Discogs Cameo

  • Discogs - Knights Of The Sound Table

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    1. Knights By Nights
    2. Freaky Dancin'
    3. I Never Knew
    4. Use It Or Lose It
    5. The Sound Table
    6. Don't Be So Cool
    7. I'll Always Stay
    8. I Like It

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  • Gemm Vinyl Archive

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    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Cosmic Gypsies.............................[No Visual]

    Foreign Beggars - Hold On feat. SkinnyMan

    Blade - Planned & Executed - 1995

    ................ And Life Time Avhievement Award.

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    Born in the Armenian quarter of Iran, Blade came to London aged 7. Within months of arriving, he felt the effect of the Islamic revolution back home. Unable to send money out of the country, Blade’s family could no longer support him. So, with no money, no family, alone in a strange country, Blade’s self-reliance and determination were all he had to see him through. The microphone, the studio and the stage provided his only release.

    1989 saw Blade’s first release with which he took to the street and sold direct to the punters. This became the blueprint for future ventures. A string of 12’s, ep’s and a massive double album followed, all of which were released on his own “691 INFLUENTIAL” label. Selling via mail order and on the streets, he amassed sales of up to 60,000 units. His one-man record operation quickly became the stuff of rap mythology.

  • Read On

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  • Blade Release Archive on Discogs

  • Blade 691.Com

  • Streaming Blade audio

  • Streaming Blade Remixes

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • Guerrilla Tactics press clippings

  • Buy Geurrilla Tactics direct from 691 Influential

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Final BLADE performances

    Blade will be playing two finals performances before taking a back seat with music.

    To all who have emailed and asked why and so on, rest assured Blade will continue to make music, just without the unpredictability and lies of the music industry hanging over his head. Basically, he wishes to make music but strictly for the love of it without any material interest. If at any point this changes, you will find out first right here, but for now musioc for love it is, and soon as we have any updates or music for free downloads, etc, we will email you all to let you know.

    To all who have shown support over the years, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for allowing Blade to live his dreams and make them a reality. To say his goodbyes, he has chosen 2 more performances, one in Switzerland and the other in Winchester.

    All information for these will be added shortly.

    Thanks again, but be sure to check back for more music in the future, some old, some new, some released, some not. Videos will also be added shortly from live performances

    For all who ask "did he do his last UK show a couple of months ago?"

    Blade had made a promise to a friend that he would do a show for him but due to date clashes that was not possible, but now the all clear is given, so the promise can be kept. It'll be good to see all of you down there at Winchester for this final performance.

    at Blade's request .....

    It's so hard to just pack it in like that when you've been in it all your life, but I have been turning down all shows except this one, as a promise was made. My heart tells me to still do shows just because I love performing so much, but my mind tells me something different. The clash between mind and heart and the doubt have led me to this decision. I have always been a firm believer of the saying "IF EVER IN DOUBT, DO WITHOUT" .... I hope you can all understand and appreciate the decsion, but I would like to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for the support shown. YOU GUYS ARE THE REASON WHY MY LIFE IN MUSIC WAS EVER MADE POSSIBLE AND I CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THAT OPPORTUNITY.

    The website will be kept live so please keep checking back for updates and free downloads as and when they happen, but for now, I just really need some time to myself and away from an unpredictable industry I have no respect for and never have.

    The album is now released and available to buy from stores and direct from :

  • 691 Influential

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Label:691 Influential
    Catalog#:BLADE 1208
    Genre:Hip Hop

    A1 Let's Begin
    A2 Silence Is Better Than Bullshit...Part 2 (Those Who Never Gave Us The Time Of Day Get Shipped Out Remix)
    A3 Planned And Executed
    A4 They Shall Love This
    A5 Don't Care What Anybody Thinks (Bonus Track)
    B1 Welcome To The Jungle
    B2 Play The Joker
    B3 He Got Cuts Galore
    B4 Keep Watchin' This Space

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  • "You've done a very good thing Blade If you read this for a very long time. I think I speak for the nation when I say You should be proud of yourself man. Thanks for all the hard work since the beginning, you definatey did your bit" - Great Britain.


    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    DJ MK - London Underground - 2002

    Best known for being Roots Manuva's live DJ & his show on Kiss FM, MK has been on the scene since the early years. Arguably, he didn't get the full amount props he deserved until he dropped his 'London Underground' Mix CD's.

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  • Discogs

  • BigSmokeLive.Com

  • Above Board

  • _________________________________________

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  • Suspect Packages

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    Lewis Parker - Mr Parker's Siesta

    Champions of Nature - Salsa Smurf

    Yungun & Mr Thing - Grown Mans Buisness - 2006

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Mr Thing BIOGRAPHY

    Mr Thing aka Mark Bowles, first played out at Funky Buddha parties at the Tunbridge Wells Forum. He was soon became an original 'Scratch Pervert' along with Tony, Joel, and Paul. In 1999 this crew one the World DMC team championships (even more pleasingly, the final took place in New York)...

    ITF - Euro Team Champion 1998

    DMC - World Team Champion 1999

    DMC - UK Champion (3rd in World) 2000

    From the early years he's been as into collecting and playing tracks as he is into making beats. Which could explain why his beats are so good.

    In 2005 he's been recording albums with Tommy Evans and Yungun whilst his beats are in high demand from MC's all over the globe.

    Having collaborated with Yungun on numerous projects the pair have forged a strong partnership on record and on stage. Mr Things soulful backdrops are what provoked Yungun to drop more of his deep, thought provoking lyrics for which he is now known. Having just released their second white label together, Jackin 4 Breaks, the pair are also working on collaboration mixtape as well as their EP, GMB (Grown Man Business). Set for release on Silent Soundz, GMB showcases the diversity of Mr Things production prowess.

  • Taken from here

  • Also by Mr Thing

  • __________________________________

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    His affiliation with the Low Life Records collective led to appearances on the "Food" LP (the Harry Love produced "That’s What Eye see") and on the remix of Jehst’s “Adventures in New Bohemia”. Much of his work with the YNR Productions camp is featured on the label’s compilation album "Young N Restless Vol. 1". Yungun, now also known as Essa, is set to make big noise this year on solo projects featuring production by Harry Love, Lewis Parker, Mr. Thing, and Ben Grymm

  • Also by Yungun

  • YNR Productions

  • Janomi

  • ________________________________

    Long awaited full set from UK DJ MC dream team Yungun and Mr Thing! These guys have been leading the way for the UK scene for some time and this album of original material has been well worth the wait. Things production method is drenched in soul oweing much stylistically to Premo. Yungun flows are fluid and rhymes thought provoking. Fellow Brits such as NOW ON DOUBLE VINYL!! Doc Brown and Jehst weigh in with guest shots the latter providing flows on the future party anthem Sound of the Drum.

  • Discogs

  • 01. - Intro
    02. - G.M.B (Just Like That)
    03. - Peter Pan Syndrome
    04. - Forget Me Not
    05. Yungun & Mr Thing ft. Devise & Doc Brown - This Is Who We Be
    06. - What must I Do?
    07. - One Step Beyond
    08. Yungun & Mr Thing ft. Jehst - Sound Of The Drum
    09. Yungun & Mr Thing ft. Lowkey & Stylah - Spit Fire
    10. - No Guts, No Glory
    11. - Carried Way

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  • 11.50 from Silent Sounds

  • 12 Quid at Fat City

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    Beans - Shock City Maverick - 2004

  • Discogs

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  • Warp Records

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    A1 Light Of The Damned
    A2 Papercut Guitar - Byrd Saxophone - Joseph Yoon
    A3 Blind Driver
    B1 Shards Of Glass - Chorus - Hava
    B2 You're Dead, Lets Disco
    B3 City Hawk
    C1 Shock City Maverick
    C2 Death By Sophistication
    C3 Interval - Cello - Molly Schnick
    C4 Down By Law
    D1 A Force On Edge - Cello - Molly Schnick
    D2 I'll Melt You Recorded By [Vocals] - NASA (3)
    D3 Diamond Halo Grenade

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  • 15 Quid

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    Saturday, October 14, 2006

    DJ Netik - Trailer Cuisine Bristol - 2006

    This is a trailer for the 3rd Cuisine night in Bristol, the 20th of October 2006.
    With DJ Netik (DMC World Champion 2006), StudioVJ (Live visuals - France), HipJ (3decks techno set), DJ Marrrtin (funk and rare groove), Automne (minimal live set), Crustea & Clu(Live Visuals), Cheba (Painter and VJ) and many more..


    Bomb The Bass - Into The Dragon - 1988

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    DJ Tim Simenon cut & paste sampled house record 'Beat Dis' was made with 150 pounds in the summer of 1987.
    The record was championed on London Pirate Radio by Mark Moore (S Express) and Nellee Hooper (Soul II Soul) throughout the next twelve months.

    Upon official release by Rhythm King Records - the track absoloutely BLEW UP.

  • Discogs

  • Tim Simenon

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Lovely to have this album MP3s after so many years. Bomb The Bass is hard to pin to a specific genre. I think like alot of groups at the time the bounderies of each were being pushed. Definately Hip Hop. Tracks to check for in my opinion, and speaking about music that has dominated playcount-wise and stood the test of time, I'd have to check for tracks like Say A Little Prayer.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    A1 Beat Dis (U.S. 7" Mix)
    A2 Megablast (Rap Version)Featuring - Merlin
    A3 On The Cut
    A4 Don't Make Me WaitFeaturing - Lorraine
    A5 Dynamite Beats
    B1 Megablast (Hip Hop On Precinct 13)
    B2 Hey You!Featuring - Aurra
    B3 Shake It
    B4 Say A Little PrayerFeaturing - Maureen
    B5 Beat Dat (Freestyle Scratch Mix)

  • Rapidshare link

  • Up for £10 on Netsound

  • £12 from Hard To Find Records

  • ____

    Y'All So Stupid - Van Full Of Pakistans - 1993

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • Discogs

  • 1. Introduce Me
    2. 85 South
    3. Interlude
    4. Van Full Of Pakistans
    5. Interlude
    6. Bowl Of Soul
    7. Interlude
    8. The Plant
    9. Interlude
    10. Bootleg Beatdown
    11. Interlude
    12. Family Tree
    13. Dirt Road White Girl
    14. Interlude
    15. Monkey Off My Back
    16. Interlude
    17. Super Nigga
    18. Yall
    19. On And On
    20. Interlude
    21. You Wouldn't Understand
    22. 85 South (Remix)

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    Friday, October 13, 2006

    Infinate Lives - The Adventures Of The Lactating Man

  • Infinite Lives.Com

  • Biography on Big Dada

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    * was born in Bethnal Green, East London
    * trained at Chelsea Art College.
    * had a comic book called "Globulicious" published
    * used to design Gameboy graphics
    * is a former FKO Raw freestyle battle champ

    Adventures Of The Lactating Man is taken from the LP Bush Meat :

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  • $12.99 on CD from CD Universe
  • A bit harder to find on wax unfortunately.


    Jehst - Nuke Proof Suit - 2005

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    What better time, what with the Earths political climate over the past week, to pull out Jehst's 2005 classic Nuke Proof Suit. I've collected some worthy articles of brain food from across the net should you like to educate yourself with the specifics of the weeks news. It's all a bit easy and weak to get all doom and gloom about events like this, I always like to remain positive that things'll settle down over time. Can't we just all get along?

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • The BBC Websites coverage

  • Reactions from world leaders

  • Timeline of events from 2002, leading up to the test

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • More in-depth reading.

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Prolific english MC, born in Kent in the summer of '79, Jehst spent his childhood in Sussex before moving to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire as a teenager. Fueled by the bleak reality of the smack infested post-industrial North he re-located to London, making his vinyl debut in 1999 with the highly acclaimed "Premonitions" EP, launching the self-financed YNR (Young ‘n’ Restless) Productions label from his University halls of residence.
    Aliases : Billy Brimstone
    In Groups : Champions Of Nature

  • Nuke Proof Suit.Com

  • Low life records

  • YNR Productions

  • Also available.

  • 8 Tracks of Jehst produced UK Hip Hop, Future Classics, ft Kashmere & Sir Smurf & LG. When does Jehst ever let anyone down when it comes to vocal skills. Never really, and the track Nuke Proof Suit wraps up the weeks events perfectly. If you havn't got this LP in your boxes going into zero seven, your crates have got big problems.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Vice City
    Ape Shit
    Nuke Proof Suit
    Neck Breakin
    Magnum Force
    Pepper Spray ft Kashmere & sir smurf
    Work Ethic

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  • Rap & Soul Mail Order have it for 12 quid.

  • £11 from King Underground

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    Hyenas In The Desert - Die Laughing - 1996

  • Hyenas In The Desert

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • 1. Elephant Graveyard
    2. Can You Feel It
    3. Wild Dogs
    4. The Longest Night (Jouranl #1)
    5. Concubinez
    6. Why Me
    7. Fresh Meat
    8. Hyenas In The Desert
    9. Other Side Of Midnight

  • ZShare link.

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    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    Kool Keith - Black Elvis / Lost In Space - 1999

  • Discogs archive.

  • Livin Astro Promo 12" - £16 at

  • KoolKeith.Co.Uk

  • KoolKeith biography and related reading.

  • The Lost masters Vol 2

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    1. Intro
    2. Lost In Space
    3. Rockets On The Battlefield
    4. Livin' Astro
    5. Supergalactic Lover
    6. Master Of The Game
    7. I'm Seein' Robots
    8. Static
    9. Intro
    10. Black Elvis
    11. Maxi Curls
    12. Keith Turbo
    13. Fine Girls
    14. The Girls Don't Like The Job
    15. Clifton
    16. All The Time
    17. I Don't Play

  • Megaupload link

  • $5.97 From Amazon

  • Sex Style Instrumentals £10.99 - Rough Trade

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    Aspects - Correct English - 2001

    Aspects dropped Correct English in 2001, a really solid English LP with 3 or 4 blinding tracks. Produced by Specify with cuts from himself and Nu Balance and lightning sharp Bristol Vocals this LP has to be a physical item in your boxes. Tracks to check for are 'Top Choice' and 'We Get Fowl', skits are dreamy to say the least.

  • Aspects on Discogs

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • Antidote website

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    1. Correct English
    2. Top Choice
    3. We Get Fowl
    4. Adverse Curves
    5. Groovy Baby
    6. Psycho Boogie
    7. My Genre
    8. Intrigue
    9. Specify In Love
    10. Kronos Devive
    11. Witchcraft
    12. Scary Lesson
    13. Bristol Fingers
    14. Best Music
    15. Here We Go
    16. Ects Factor
    17. Lost Soul

  • Megaupload link

  • £12.99 from Amazon

  • I've also included the follow up LP 'Mystery Theatre' released in 2004, also on Antidote.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    1. Impact
    2. Off The Lip - Aspects & The Bees
    3. Way Back
    4. Man Under The Sea
    5. Rev Soul
    6. Soul Sister - Aspects & Little Barrie
    7. Way She Speaks
    8. Self Help Song
    9. Chase The Devil - Aspects & Alkaline
    10. Droppin' Drums
    11. City Limits
    12. Stink Bomb
    13. My World

  • Megaupload link

  • £14.99 from Amazon

  • £8.99 from Rap & Soul Mail Order

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